Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come, run with me!

My half marathon is this Saturday!  I'm ready!  I'm excited!
Since good music makes a race so much better, I make a playlist for each race I run.  Gotta switch it up, ya know?  That way I have something to look forward to other than running for 13.1 miles...

Here's my latest:
"Empire State of Mind" - Jay-Z
"Machinehead" -Bush (I like to keep it real with old school)
"Grenade" -Bruno Mars
"Viva la Vida" -Coldplay
"Cooler than Me" -Mike Posner
"OMG" -Usher
"Tonight" -Enrique
"The Distance" -Cake
"Donde Estas" -Chenoa (sooo random, but I love a spanish song thrown in the mix)
"1979" -Smashing Pumpkins
"What You Waiting For" -Gwen Stefani
"Falling Slowly" -Kris Allen
"Time to Dance" -Panic! At the Disco
"Drop the Phone" -Shy Child
"Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Theme Song)" -Bill Conti
"Cute Without the 'E'" -Taking Back Sunday
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" -The Verve
"Comfort Eagle" -Cake
"Pressure to Come" -Shy Child
"Blow" - Ke$ha

Alright, I might throw in a couple Bright Eyes, Cartel, Something Corporate and/or the Format songs, but I need a little more. I'll be running for a long time.  Suggestions?  Tell me, What's on your running playlist?


MKS said...

good luck! you are inspiring

Jillayne said...

The killers, Brandon flowers, Linkin Park... It's funny how different my running playlist is from my normal one.

Janessa said...

No lie, I had "Get your head in the game" from High School Musical on mine. Just the kick I needed at mile 11 :)

Ashley C said...

Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
The Creationist - Kerli
All These Things That I've Done - The Killers
Bulletproof- La Roux
Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
Just a Dream - Nelly
Dance the Way I Feel - Ou Est La Swimming Pool
On Our Way Home - The Silent Years (It sounds slow, but I promise it has a perfect running beat)

The hard part was narrowing them down! Good luck - and I agree, I would never go farther than a half marathon!

Dan + Carlie: said...

Oh fun list!

Boom Boom Pow - Blacked Eyed Peas is my go to running song.

Someone else mentioned it, but Linkin Park is really great to run to. I also agree with The Killers.

I like Shakira - especially her spanish lyrics.

Thanks for sharing your list! :)

Rick said...

"Be Yourself" - Audioslave;
"Best of You" Foo Fighters;
"Interstate Love Song" STP;
"Use Me" Bill Withers;
"Sabotage" Beastie Boys;
"Leavin: Jesse McCartney;
"Good One Comin' On" Blackberry Smoke;
and "Closer to the Edge" 30 seconds to mars.

Yes. I do have a playlist for running. No. It has not been used more than once in the month of March.

Katie said...

good luck today!!

Spencer T said...

can you even run without "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor?