Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah's First Ice Cream Cone (& a mom's plea for advice)

While my mom was here, (boo hoo, come back!) she took Noah out on a date for ice cream.  If you can believe it, we have never given the kid ice cream so this was a first for him! (I don't really like ice cream, so that is why it is never around- I know you were wondering.)  Anyways, we got some great pictures!
But before I show you them, I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice about how to make the older child feel special when they have a threatening new baby in the house and they aren't coping with it very well.  Noah does not want anything to do with Suzy still.  He's also acting out agressively--I guess in an attempt to get extra attention.  He also fights against every rule we have or everything we ask him to do (go to bed, get a diaper change, etc).
I did take him on a date to McDonalds yesterday for some Mommy/Noah time.  I honestly spend more time with him than I ever did before, but it seems like it is never enough.  He's happy for the moment, but when Suzy cries or I feed her or do something that isn't entertaining Noah, he gets mad.  And I get sad.  So, please help me!
Sorry, I didn't mean for the post to be about that, but I guess it is on my mind.  Here's the cute ice cream pics! :)