Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hair Drama

I went back to dark hair again. 
Remember the last time?  (Hair Makeover post here)
The summer sun has  effectively "oranged" my hair and I kept putting lowlights and highlights in it.  See:

So, I decided to go ALL brown.
Trying to save a buck, I decided to do it myself.  I went to Sally's Beauty Supply and had the worker pick me out the perfect color.  I wanted to go to my natural color, which is pretty dark.  And then the worker recommended that I go one shade darker.  That might have been OK, but as my hairdresser later said, my hair is extremely pourous meaning it soaks up color like none other.  And I left it in waaaay too long.

It wounded up being BLACK.

I did NOT want black.  So, I washed my hair appx 15 times with baking soda and shampoo.  Luckily, I had only bought a semi permanent kind so it is continuing to get lighter.  This next picture was taken the following day and it had already lightened up some:

I know it's kind of hard to see it.  But I like it now.  It is continuing to lighten up and become the color I initially wanted.  I'm sure I'll add highlights again soon, but this is a nice change.  However, please don't anybody ever let me dye my hair myself again!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saran Wrap Suz

Suzy Kaye.  I love her to pieces.  But holy cow, she is giving me a run for my money.  She is SO CLINGY.  She wants me to hold her all day everyday.  If I try to clean or hop on the computer, help Noah, or do ANYTHING, I'll put her down and she will sprint crawl to wherever I go.  It's getting so annoying to me that I find myself staying at the gym longer and longer for the free childcare so I can get a break!  She just will not play by herself or with Noah. 

WHAT DO I DO?!  How long will this phase last?  Please help me!

Update:  I haven't gotten a lot of feedback here, but I did talk to my mother in law for a while and we concluded that she prob isn't getting enough attention from me and I thought maybe she is hungry and I should feed her more than just baby food---considering she is a year next month!  Today, I've been focusing on that and already in this short time, it is making a huge difference! 
*Parenting is a ride, isn't it?!*

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Pics Summer 2011

We won some family pictures recently by donating some money to a good cause.  Here are some of my favorites!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday Carnival

We went carnival themed this year for Noah's party.  It was easy and fun!  The kids came and got 10 tickets, which they could spend at the duck pond, fishing game, golf, clothespin drop, or to get their face painted.  They earned prizes, which were their party favors.  Party food consisted of carmel apples, nachos, and rainbow cupcakes.  Noah loved every second.  Enjoy the pics!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday

Yay, I have a 3 year old.  Here's Noah on his big day:  July 27, 2011
(he may or may not be wearing a 6-9 month shirt & shorts)

I know I look dumb in these pics, but Noah's faces make me laugh so much.

On the morning of Noah's birthday, I took Suzy to a babysitter and then Noah and I went on a date.  To Chickfila! See how happy he is!

Playing at Chickfila

Then, we went to the movies to see Madagascar 2.  Noah got popcorn and ate the whole thing.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

Then, Noah came home and his daddy picked him up to go on a treasure hunt!
He had a map and they made some stops before they got to the treasure.  First, they went to Walmart and bought cupcakes and M&Ms.  Then, to the carwash:

Then, they went to McDonalds where the treasure was a Happy Meal.

That night, we had Dora cupcakes, that Suzy enjoyed most.

Then, it was time for presents.  Noah was soooo excited.  Thanks Grandma A for the majority!

Jared and I got Noah a rocking chair, which is what he was always asking for.  We found one at a flea market and Grandpa G painted it and spiffied it up for us. 

Happy Birthday Noah!  Pictures of his little bday party coming next!

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Car

Jared and I have been a 1 car family since we got married.  Jared bought our Jeep when we were dating.  And we have been driving only that for the last 4 years.  Jared also has had a motorcycle, which has been awesome for us.  I've actually liked only having one car, not that I knew the difference.  But Jared and I's best conversations are in the Jeep.  I love all the together time that we've had.  But with Jared's NEW JOB, comes extra kizzle, and a new (2007) car!

Presenting, the Altima! (that is what Noah calls it.  "Dad, I want to ride in the Altima."  What a funny kid.  He heard us say it just once.)