Sunday, August 7, 2011

Noah's 3rd Birthday

Yay, I have a 3 year old.  Here's Noah on his big day:  July 27, 2011
(he may or may not be wearing a 6-9 month shirt & shorts)

I know I look dumb in these pics, but Noah's faces make me laugh so much.

On the morning of Noah's birthday, I took Suzy to a babysitter and then Noah and I went on a date.  To Chickfila! See how happy he is!

Playing at Chickfila

Then, we went to the movies to see Madagascar 2.  Noah got popcorn and ate the whole thing.  Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.

Then, Noah came home and his daddy picked him up to go on a treasure hunt!
He had a map and they made some stops before they got to the treasure.  First, they went to Walmart and bought cupcakes and M&Ms.  Then, to the carwash:

Then, they went to McDonalds where the treasure was a Happy Meal.

That night, we had Dora cupcakes, that Suzy enjoyed most.

Then, it was time for presents.  Noah was soooo excited.  Thanks Grandma A for the majority!

Jared and I got Noah a rocking chair, which is what he was always asking for.  We found one at a flea market and Grandpa G painted it and spiffied it up for us. 

Happy Birthday Noah!  Pictures of his little bday party coming next!

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B and C said...

I Love how special you made him feel, I bet he thought that was the best day ever!