Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saran Wrap Suz

Suzy Kaye.  I love her to pieces.  But holy cow, she is giving me a run for my money.  She is SO CLINGY.  She wants me to hold her all day everyday.  If I try to clean or hop on the computer, help Noah, or do ANYTHING, I'll put her down and she will sprint crawl to wherever I go.  It's getting so annoying to me that I find myself staying at the gym longer and longer for the free childcare so I can get a break!  She just will not play by herself or with Noah. 

WHAT DO I DO?!  How long will this phase last?  Please help me!

Update:  I haven't gotten a lot of feedback here, but I did talk to my mother in law for a while and we concluded that she prob isn't getting enough attention from me and I thought maybe she is hungry and I should feed her more than just baby food---considering she is a year next month!  Today, I've been focusing on that and already in this short time, it is making a huge difference! 
*Parenting is a ride, isn't it?!*

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Brittney said...

Hey, at least you're getting some good workouts as a result! :) She's so adorable. Love your family pictures, too.