Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pregnancy Pics


So, I have just been thinking about how I haven't really documented this pregnancy and unless you are on instagram, I haven't posted any pictures really of myself pregnant this time around.

I am frighteningly (word?) huge.
Like I can't believe how big I am this time.  I swear to you all that after this baby I am getting a six pack because apparently I didn't strengthen my abs well enough after Suzy was born and so now I really just have no abs.  Dang.

Before I post new pics, click here to take a trip down memory lane.
I still have a long ways to go.  *deep breath*

Here's the 3 I have this time.  Taking preg pictures of myself isn't really my favorite thing to do, but it is fun to compare myself to earlier pregnancies.

 23 weeks

 26 weeks

28 weeks

I'm a day or so away from 29 weeks, so only 10 weeks to go.  My c-section is scheduled for October 10th.  I seriously CAN'T wait!

In the meantime, I am excited for our Gorden family reunion in August, piano to start at the end of the month, a ROUTINE again, Noah to start preschool, and some cooler weather (I'll take 80's, ok even low 90's). 

Check back soon because I am going to post about:
  • our new house
  • the rest of our European vacation from back in January! (oops!) Still gotta post about Spain!
  • Noah's 4th Birthday
  • My Kids!
  • Music I'm way into at the moment (why not?)