Friday, June 29, 2012

Picture Post!

I have been enjoying this summer so much with my kidlets.  I took the summer off of teaching piano so we could have more time to play and it has been nice having so much free time.  Here are some of my favorite pics.  I've been working hard to take more pictures- even though they are all with my phone.  Jared and I made a deal that if I can take lots of pictures and blog about them &/or store them (basically do SOMETHING with them) then I can get a nice camera in a year!  So I have some proving to do that I can do it.  But I'm going to try.  For my family's sake.

Noah teaching Suzy words.  Suzy is starting to talk a lot.  It's awesome!  She's started putting two words together and always surprises us with what phrases she has picked up. Like "Go away." ha ha, I did not teach her that!

Kids both decided they wanted to wear hats.  In the 100 degree weather.

Ahh, what a beautiful picture that rarely happens.

***This is my favorite picture ever.  Drawn by little Noah!***

Road Trip!

Pit Stop!

Hotel in St. Louis

Cute Kids

Cute Daddy

Same Size, 2 years apart

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Suzy's Cartoon Look Alike

I think Suzy found her new role model, besides the little orphan Annie.  I saw previews for the new Pixar movie, "Brave," and I am thrilled that the main character/heroine/princess looks (to me) like a grown up version of my daughter!  Yay for curly, crazy red hair, greenish eyes, and a cute round face!