Sunday, October 7, 2012

So excited for this Week

Well, I honestly have one thing on my mind at the moment.  And it's---let's have this baby this week, shall we!  I am so excited and almost can't believe that all the waiting and anticipation and counting down for this finally almost here.  My mom flies in tomorrow and I already feel all my burdens lifting just knowing she is here to take care of all of us.  Having her come and be with us for a couple weeks while we adjust to our new life with our new little children, is honestly one of my favorite parts of having kids.  I have the best memories with her in these moments.
My kids are OBSESSED with their Grandma A.  And we are pretty obsessed with her as well.
I put up a couple of random pictures from the last month that I liked.  Here's Suzy walking up our front porch, holding one of her babies.  She is obsessed with babies and I think she is going to LOVE having a little sister.  I don't think she fully realizes what is about to happen, but she will be sweet.

I love my little Suza.  She is such a good girl.  I'm very lucky to have her.

 Here's a picture I took probably around 37 weeks.  I'd have to look it up to confirm it, but that's pretty much what I've looked like for the last month or so.

 Here is what we have done to accomodate Baby Audrey into Suzy's room.  Suzy got a big girl bed, which she is loving sleeping in.  Suzy's clothes are all in the Target bins and Baby Audrey's clothes are folded and put away in the changing table drawers that used to house blankets.  That's what the closet is for now.

 The room is cozy, girly, pink, flowery, butterflies,and bows, and I LOVE IT.  It's perfect for little two year old and newborn girls to feel like little princesses in. 

 Suzy and Audrey's room is one of my favorite in the house.
I'm not sure if we ever announced the name that we were going to call Audrey.  But it's going to be Audrey Elizabeth Gorden.  We quite like it!

 I look like I'm going to beat someone up here.  I was just doing projects around the house all day and was about to go out and mow the lawn.  I am looking forward to running and getting in shape and laying on my tummy sooo much.  Not too much longer!!!
 I had to throw in a picture of my cutest little man- Noah and his cute friend, Mia.  They get a long so well.  Love their little poses.

Well, Mom comes tomorrow.  Pedicures, Lunch, Hobby Lobby, and Frozen Yogurt on Tuesday with Mom.  Then, Wednesday 5:30 am, I will be at Mercy Hospital getting ready for a 7:15 am C-section.  I'm ready! I'm excited! This week is going to be the best!  I love having visitors so come by if you are up for it.  I should be there until Friday night or Saturday morning. 
Big week!