Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gorden Family Update

Hello!  Surprised to see me? I'm surprised to see myself, honestly.  But here I am. Woke up this Saturday morning with an urge to blog!  Crazy, I know!  I spent a little bit looking at friend's blogs that actually keep them up- and it was very inspiring!
So, since it has been so long, here is an update on all of us.
Audrey is now almost 16 months.  She almost has all her teeth.  She loves to talk (she knows: Mom, Dada, Baba (bottle), eat, more, all done, Go, Baby, Bye Bye, Hello, Thank You, Diaper, Dog, etc) (the basics)  She has a sweet, fun, and happy personality.  She's always smiling and saying "Cheese" for the camera. 
Suzy (3 1/2) and I have really bonded over the last few months.  Noah going to Kindergarten was the best thing for Suz and I's relationship!  She is coming out of her shy shell and gaining confidence.  Starting her in dance was a great decision.  Dance has become her little life.  She walks around the house like a ballerina and likes to be addressed as "Ballerina" or "Princess" depending on the day.  She dresses herself and chooses a dress, skirt, or tutu EVERY day.  The girl will not put jeans on.  And pants must be called leggings and have a skirt over them.  Suz is so easy going and happy.  Shy and sweet, but spunky and crazy if you she feels comfortable around you.  Lately, we've discovered that she LOVES shopping and I am soooo happy to have a shopping buddy because I love shopping too!!!
Noah (5 1/2) is a 12 year old trapped in a 3 year old body.  He is way more mature than necessary, loves order, following rules, making rules, being creative, going to school, trying to read, draw, paint, write, do art, and play with this sisters.  He's the best!
As for Jared, He left General Mills back in December and went back with his old boss.  He is LOVING it. And I'm loving his flexibility and his new paycheck!  Jared's still plugging away at school and will graduate in May!!!  I'm soooo excited! He's been in school as long as I've known him.  I know he will be so happy to put that behind him and I will be so happy to have more time with him.
Here we are on a date. Jared made a goal this year to take me out on 40 dates this year and I am LOVING it!
My update is:  I can't wait for SPRING!  I daydream about it all the time.  Winter puts me into a funk.  It makes me feel trapped.  I can handle it until about half way through January and then I am just over it.  We are definitely going on a sunny cruise next February!
I've been working out a lot!  Signed up for my 2nd marathon in October!  I'm very excited!  I signed up with some girlfriends this time- can't wait to get outside and start running again! (I don't run in the freezing cold- I just can't do it.)
I'm teaching the mission prep class at church. It's only once a month, but I love it. It helps me feel like a missionary again.  I'm also the ward organist.  I will likely always have a piano calling at church, but that's OK because I love playing the piano!
Speaking of piano, I have scaled back a ton on my teaching. I went from 14 to 7.  I only teach 4 after school students and then I have 3 adults that I teach during the day.  14 was too much for me at this phase of life with 3 little kids.  So, I now feel the perfect balance.
I really do love my life and my sweet family.