Monday, August 1, 2011

New Car

Jared and I have been a 1 car family since we got married.  Jared bought our Jeep when we were dating.  And we have been driving only that for the last 4 years.  Jared also has had a motorcycle, which has been awesome for us.  I've actually liked only having one car, not that I knew the difference.  But Jared and I's best conversations are in the Jeep.  I love all the together time that we've had.  But with Jared's NEW JOB, comes extra kizzle, and a new (2007) car!

Presenting, the Altima! (that is what Noah calls it.  "Dad, I want to ride in the Altima."  What a funny kid.  He heard us say it just once.)


Elisa said...

congrats on the new car! Don't you love how kids can pick up on something they hear once? I also just read about the miserable health times you've been having. Hope all of that stress is cleared up for you. Thanks for sharing your miraculous experience of healing too.

Rick said...

Nice car. Congrats on the new job, as well as excellent use of "kizzle". I'm not sure, but you might have just created a word.