Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Jared is finally healthy so now I can go back and talk about how unhealthy he has been for the last couple of months.

Starting the end of May...
Jared went to Joplin after the tornado hit to do some clean up work with other members of the stake.  Unforunately for him, he got poison ivy during the clean-up, which is he EXTREMELY allergic to.

I cried when I saw the way his skin reacted.  Blisters over blisters.  It was mostly on his arms.  It was very painful and uncomfortable for him for about 2 weeks.  Well, a little less thanks to some steroid prescription meds.

And then in June, Jared managed to get himself REALLY sick by eating goat meat.  He later found out that the meat he ate had been butchered and laid out in the heat for over 24 hours before it went into his mouth.  His little food adventure made him sick for about 3 weeks.  He wasn't keeping anything down and was losing a lot of weight.  I got really worried, especially as he kept going to work & kept doing school at night until the wee hours of morning, etc.  He was running on literally nothing.

The turnaround happened right at 3 weeks.  Jared had just been up all night (again) throwing up and what not and was lying on the floor in the bathroom in the morning when I found him.  He wanted to go to the hospital, he told me, but he didn't think they would do anything for him.  So, we were looking at making an appointment with a GI doc.  This was all on a Sunday.  Sick as he was, Jared got dressed up in a suit and tie and went to church.  While there, he got a blessing of complete healing.  He hasn't had a problem since.  A true miracle!

We have been under a lot of stress these last couple of months and I'm honestly surprised that he is holding up as well as he is now.  I attribute a lot of it to healthy eating and lots of running!  And of course, more blessings than we deserve!


webster said...

yikes. Glad he is feeling better. Where did he get the meat from?

The Ririe's said...

I think Mitch got the poison ivy too when he was in Joplin. It stays on his skin for weeks. It is annoying but he has never gotten medicine for it. Poor guy.

Kiki said...

Holy Cow! The poor guy. He's a trooper for sure! Are the rest of you all healthy and happy? :)

B and C said...

Oh my gosh this is horrible! I am so glad it's over, I know how hard that is on you too having to take care of the kids and him. You have the best attitude I love it.