Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Does anyone check this anymore?  I know I have been terrible about updating!  It's been a busy, busy summer.  I will try to update the blog, but in the meantime, here is a quick update.  From youngest to oldest.  (Yep, I'm older than Jared. By 6 months).

Miss Suzy Kaye.
Suz is 10 months old on Friday.  I can't believe how fast time is going with her.  Her current trick is standing.  She will be walking before too long- she wants to bad.  I catch her practicing in her crib.  It's cute.  She also started waving this week.  If you say HI to her, she will wave.  Her hair is kind of starting to grow.  Red as ever.  I never would have thought!  She is a cutie.  LOVE her facial expressions.

 Noah "the man" Beckett.
I love this little guy so much!  He is turning 3 in 2 weeks.  He has been talking about it non stop.  He really wants a rocking chair for his birthday.  Don't ask me why.  But if you ask him what he wants for his birthday, he will say without hesitation, "A ROCKING CHAIR!"  So, guess what?  Jared and I found him a rocking chair last week at a flea market.  It's an awesome little kids rocking chair!!!  I love it!  I'll post a picture of it later.
Noah's current loves are:  LandyCane (Candy Land), Reading, Drawing, Running (he just got a new pair of "racing shoes"), and making us laugh.

 Jer Bear
Jared is amazing.  He is still working full time and is also in the final stretch to get his Bachelors degree.  6 more weeks.  We could not be more excited!!!  Although these next 6 weeks are going to require Jared sleeping next to nothing and me giving up all social activities that occur at night so that I can babysit while he does homework/studies, etc!  But it will be worth it when he is done.  In his free time, Jared loves to run.  He's decided to do another Marathon in December with his brother, Caleb.  He also has a 5K and 10K coming up in September and October.

I took this picture today as I realize I hardly have any pictures of myself.  I'm here in my "house clothes."  Spending the day cleaning, organizing, playing with the kids, making homemade chocolate chip cookies, planning Noah's birthday party, reading, etc.  I like days like this.  They are few and far between with how busy we have been.

More updates coming soon! xoxo


Scotty and Chels said...

I totally check your blog and am happy when it comes up on my feeder thing. I love to hear about your family and see pics of your cute kids. And you look so cute too!

David and Jaclyn said...

Good luck finishing up school and such!

rifkagorden01 said...

Court!! Life looks like it is crazy but good!! Suz is getting SO BIG and I forgot she has red hair! How crazy! And I'm excited to be home in about a week! We have some serious catching up to do! :)

Amy said...

I couldn't be happier that you posted something. I don't have a job right now so I live for blog updates. Keep them coming, Court! P.S. Suzy is so freaking cute.