Friday, October 1, 2010

Noah's First Ice Cream Cone (& a mom's plea for advice)

While my mom was here, (boo hoo, come back!) she took Noah out on a date for ice cream.  If you can believe it, we have never given the kid ice cream so this was a first for him! (I don't really like ice cream, so that is why it is never around- I know you were wondering.)  Anyways, we got some great pictures!
But before I show you them, I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice about how to make the older child feel special when they have a threatening new baby in the house and they aren't coping with it very well.  Noah does not want anything to do with Suzy still.  He's also acting out agressively--I guess in an attempt to get extra attention.  He also fights against every rule we have or everything we ask him to do (go to bed, get a diaper change, etc).
I did take him on a date to McDonalds yesterday for some Mommy/Noah time.  I honestly spend more time with him than I ever did before, but it seems like it is never enough.  He's happy for the moment, but when Suzy cries or I feed her or do something that isn't entertaining Noah, he gets mad.  And I get sad.  So, please help me!
Sorry, I didn't mean for the post to be about that, but I guess it is on my mind.  Here's the cute ice cream pics! :)


M'lisa and Mark said...

haha! cuteness! We started Aubrilynn earlier so she was a disastrous mess- she treated it like a sucker... so it ended up dripping down her shirt! Of course daddy got it for her and had me clean it up! ;) Anyway- Aubri was a bit younger when I had Kaysia, but still wasn't happy. We found an activity she enjoyed that we brought out only when I had to feed kaysia or devote my time to her so Aubri wouldn't mind too much cuz it was an activity she enjoyed. We switched between Blue or Dora or one of her games. Then of course during one of her naps special one on one time playing an activity of their choice. Its hard, but as the baby grows they will start enjoying her company more because they will be able to interact more so. Anyway, that's all I got :) Hope things get smoother! Love ya tons and so wish I was closer!!! I'd love to see your lil' ones!

Scotty and Chels said...

Oh, sweet little Noah just likes you too much! I don't have a second one yet, but all I can say is A.)I know you are an amazing mom and no matter what, you're doing a great job and B.) every time I freak out over something with Lucy (which is often)I've learned that it will get better over time, and every time it has. I know that's lame advice because I'm totally impatient and hate waiting, but it's all I have. LOVE YOU!

adorable pearsons said...

I'm sure it is just tugging at your mommy heart strings. First- I'm sure it will get better with time. (I hate when people tell me that....but it is usually true).
Also, a few things we did to prep our kids is to give them certain tasks. For example, Kamree is in charge of throwing away all diapers or bringing me diapers. Everytime she does, we really praiser her and thank her for helping us with the baby. She also is of holding (but maybe for noah just sitting by her) Charlotte while I do dishes and other chores. Bostyn also helps with holding while I shower. Plus, she helps clean up the dirty clothes (burp clothes & blankets). It has made them each feel like they are part of this too and that we really need them. So maybe on top of all the one on one time you are giving him, throw in a few responsibilities. You could always start a sticker chart for him. Whenever you are nursing, he could clean up 3 items to earn a sticker. Then when it's full, he gets ICE CREAM :). Just a few ideas. It WILL get better. But does nursing? I still hurt- I must be doing something wrong. Call soon. :) Love you.

Jillayne said...

Patience is the key. This "phase" will pass. It may take a while, but it will.

In response to your request, just know that this is from my experience with my 5 year old and am FINALLY seeing results after a month with the new baby. Owen is so laid-back, he's adjusted fairly well to Emalie.

See if he wants to help burp Suzy. That is Owen's favorite part of the day and he'll come running when he hears me patting her back.

Be patient with the hitting and disobedience.

Be firm in the "no hitting" policy. (I use the, "Ella, please don't hit because it hurts Owen and it hurts mommy's feeling when you hit...and then a timeout. She spends a lot of time in timeout.)

As with the disobedience, be SUPER patient. Make sure you are consistent with your consequences.

Jake and Rachelle said...

Cute pictures! Each time we had a baby, we gave our boys a present. We told them that it was from our new baby. That always seemed to helped. They were excited to see the new sibling brought them something. We also had them help as much as possible. Hope that helps.

Kiki said...

that last picture is AWESOME! what a cutie.

when we were expecting jo, the doctor told us to get a present for kai from his new baby brother and we did, and kai thought that was pretty cool.

KT said...


I hope things have started to calm down a little, and that Noah is feeling a little more settled.

Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh! your mom looks great! i sure miss the good old days sometimes. you're doing awesome! All of my kids had a hard time when a "new one came home" (as they would say) but they get over it and just learn to love and play! it works it self out, promise!