Monday, November 1, 2010

A million Halloween pictures

 Ok, not a million.  But I do have to play some catch-up.  I noticed that I only posted once in October.  At the beginning of the month.  What can I say?  I'm too busy enjoying these chubby cheeks!

Anyways.  So, I did do one craft this month.  It was making this shirt.  Here is Noah modeling my creation.

I told him to show me the pumpkin and he did!  Good job Noah!

Noah and I had fun decorating our front porch.  Too bad I decorated it like 2 days before Halloween.  Oh well!

Here's my little man running away from the camera!  Did I say little man?  I meant little giraffe! :)

I took Noah and Suzy to the downtown "Goblin Parade."  They trick or treat at all the local businesses.  Noah LOVED it.  Here he is with his cool pirate friend, Cohen.  Yes, they are holding hands.  Cute!

Noah with visions of candy dancing in his eyes.

I love having a kid that enjoys holidays.  (especially since my husband is Mr. Scrooge. kind of.  We are working on him)
And there is Mr. Scrooge himself! (kidding- ok, I'll stop).  He IS wearing orange to the Halloween party.  And here is Miss Suzy, the cute little witch.

Noah again!

 A picture of me!

Suzy wearing Noah's dalmation costume from when he was a baby.  Funny, Noah wore it when he was 3 months old and Suzy is almost too big for it at 6 weeks.

Here's me and my cute sister in law, Becca- handing out candy at the ward trunk or treat.

My little cabbage patch doll!

There is Jared on his phone.  Pretty sure he was checking out the Arkansas game.

We had fun this Halloween weekend.  Goblin Parade on Friday, Ward Halloween Party on Saturday, and Homemade Bagels & Soup @ the Tompkins on Sunday.  I really can't wait until next year!


amy kay said...

Suzy is SO CUTE, court! Of course, Noah always steals the show. I wish I could hold that little girl, her cheeks are squeezable.

Linford Family said...

Hi Courtney! Thanks for the comment on my blog-it is nice to know there are others in pretty-much the exact situation I'm in. You seem to be doing a great job and that makes me happy and motivated. Your daughter is so cute! Aren't girls SO FUN?! I always was a little nervous to have a girl, but I love it. Noah is super cute too. Cute family!

MKS said...

i love the costumes, the shirt you made and the porch decor. you are amazing!

Elisa said...

love the costumes! and hilarious that Jared was checking out the game. What a boy.