Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mini Me Part 2

Today, I dug out some gems from Jared's baby pictures. 
First, observe the twin pictures.  Pic 1:  Jared.  Pic 2:  Jared, I mean Noah. 

Just for fun, I posted a pic of Suzy.  I guess you can see some Jared/Noah resemblance for sure, but after looking at those two twinsies, I can see myself even more.  Yay.

 Here is the little stud himself.  Mini Jared!  Cute!

And Noah at the same age!  Eerily similar, eh?

And for any of you who might be wondering what Jared looks like with hair, behold!
Pretty cute huh?


Shantelle said...

That's crazy! Good thing you two were so darn cute as babies. Good genes to pass on to your kids!

Katie said...

this is scary. noah is a complete replica of jared. crazy!

Rick said...

Jared with hair.... I remember the last of those days.

Caleb, Rebecca, and Jack said...

I think you both have strong jeans

Kiki said...

That is amazing, they really look so much alike. Your little Suzy is just plain adorable!

amy kay said...

Ok I didn't recognize Jared with hair. Love it. Suzy is ADORABLE, Court! I wish you guys were closer (acutually, I'll rephrase that: I wish I were closer to YOU, that way I would be OUT of Utah).

B and C said...

Wow I have always thought Noah looked like Jared but that is so similar it's crazy. Little Suzy does look like you too. How cute! Wish I could see you all in person.