Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Washington

Day 19 - A picture and a letter

Dear Washington DC,
I miss you.  I've moved on in life, but I love thinking back to the time that I spent with you.  The time we had was really magical to me.  I fell in love (long distance) with my A-MAAAA-ZING husband, made great friends, traveled a lot, went dancing (miss that), went running by the White House, shopped at Trader Joes, went out to eat lots at cool, interesting places, and generally REALLY enjoyed my everyday life!
I can't wait to visit you again sometime soon, although I know it will never be just the same.  Thanks for the memories.


KT said...

I didn't know you lived in DC. Fun! We're not in DC, but close enough that we visit frequently. I love it!

Kiki said...

I've yet to meet a person who didn't *absolutely love* living in D.C.

I miss it too, and can't wait to visit again.