Monday, March 7, 2011

AZ trip

Anyone wonder where I have been?
Well, we just got back from Arizona for a nice vacation/friend's wedding.
The blogging challenge will resume tomorrow.

But for today, I wanted to recap the trip.  It was nice having a break from everyday life and not having kids.  Don't get me wrong, I love being with them.  But the break sure was nice!

Trip Summary:

Went on the trip with these lovely people:  April and Tommy. (Tommy and Jared have been best friends since they were little.)

Stayed with these people:  Sumer and Tyler (Sumer was one of my best friends in high school and Tyler was a good friend too!)

We went to these people's wedding:  (Ryan and Anne.  Ryan was one of Jared's best friend's growing up.)

We got to get all dressed up.

We ate yummy Venezuelan food.

We met up with mission buddies at Oreganos (LOVED this!)

Jared and I ran 9 and then 4 miles together in the beautiful 70 degree weather. (Jared is running a half and full marathon next month, I'm running two halfs.)  (This pic is from back in the day, I didn't take a pic of us running in Arizona!)

We had a GREAT time!  In fact, we got the traveling bug while we were there.  So, we came home and booked tickets to Europe, naturally. Ha ha.  We are flying into London and leaving Madrid 2 weeks later.  Can't wait!!!


Hillary said...

Looks like a fun trip! I bet the warm weather was nice!

Brittney said...

Ahh! So jealous about your upcoming trip! Also, way to go with your running, you two! I've totally strayed from running, but you inspire me to get back to it!

Guin said...

How fun to see good friends! It made me nostalgic. Great pictures and I look forward to seeing the ones from Europe!

Jess & Landon said...

your trip sounds so fun. where are you staying? how long in london? how long in spain? i wish i was more adventurous. i get intimidated planing vacations in places i don't know! (which is pretty much everywhere outside of the US). ha.

KT said...

Fun! I'd love more details on your trip too - I am totally jealous!

B and C said...

Fun Fun trip, wish I could have been there! Oh and London/Spain....jealous!!!!!