Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I know I got really good at blogging for about two weeks.  What happened?  You may be wondering.  This challenge:
Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget
What a dumb thing!  If I wished I could forget it, why would I post it as to remember it longer? 
Ok, so maybe that's not the only thing keeping me from blogging.
Noah got MONO (what little kid gets mono, really?)  In fact, I was so surprised by it, that I took him to 2 different doctors for different opinions (just in case the mono spot test was somehow wrong).  Both doctors gave me the same diagnosis.  In case you are wondering if your child has mono, the MAIN symptom is VERY SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES.  I'm talking golf ball size in your neck.  Here is a picture of Noah before he got diagnosed.  I was just thinking he was getting a little chubby!  Poor kid.  I should've known.  He doesn't even look well at all! 

Suzy is doing great! No illness.  Thank goodness.
And...WHERE DID THIS RED HAIR COME FROM?!?! (I know you are thinking WHAT HAIR, but look closely!) (Apparentley I do have a red-headed great grandma on my mom's side & an auburn grandma on my dad's.  MORE PROOF that Suzy has my genes!  (those are not to be found in Noah)

As for Jared, he is a running fool!  He is training for a marathon next month, so on Saturdays he and his brother run ridiculous mileage.  Last Saturday it was 20 miles.  This Saturday, it is 23.  In fact, the half marathon that we are both running next month (not together, he will beat me by like an hour!) he says is his "easy day."  Gag me, right? :)

And me- like I sorta mentioned, I've been running a lot too, but not quite as high mileage as Jared.  I have NO. DESIRE. WHATSOEVER to do a marathon.  Never have.  But I could run half's all day long.  Perfect length!  So, I will.  2 next month.

Also, I've been attacked by ALLERGIES.  Springtime in Arkansas is beautiful!  But the pollen will make you crazy.  I need me some Jen Young and her NAET wonders.
 And because everyone else has a picture up on this update, I felt like I should too.  

I will be back to the blogging challenge tomorrow.  See you then!

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B and C said...

WAY TO GO GUYS!! I am so impressed. So sorry fir Noah poor little man. Hope he gets better real quick! MISs you all :)