Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

The Race:
  • First of all, I finished my race on Saturday!  I did better than I thought I would (2h 18m), considering that I decided about 3 weeks ago that I would run the half.  My splits were 10:37 and I would like to blame the :37 on the DEADLY hill at the end!  I am not talking about a sissy incline.  It was a MOUNTAIN that we were expected to run at the last mile.  So hard.  So, yeah, my last mile point one was like 13 minutes.
  • Let's talk more about the race.  I got 188th place out of 382 girls and 535th place overall (out of 813 runners)! (HA HA HA)  I felt awesome when I read that on the result board.
  • Jared, on the other hand did much better than me.  He had 8:05 splits for a total time of 1:45:44.  He was happy and sad about it.  Sad only b/c he ran the first 10 miles at 7:40 pace and then bonked and slowed down more than he wanted to.
  • Our next race is next weekend in Kansas City!  It is a Wizard of Oz theme.  I am running the cleverly named "Wickedly Fast Half" and Jared is doing the "Oz Marathon."  I'm praying for minimal hills.  Thank goodness its in Kansas!

  • I have lately been feeling a need to...well, should I say learn how to cook?  I'm 28 years old, I've been married for almost 4 years, I guess now would be a good time.
  • I have thought on and off about improving in this area for a long time, but yesterday as we sat down to our Sunday family dinner of macaroni and cheese, I realized that the time has come.
  • I think having family meals are important.  When I look back on my childhood, we always sat down together and ate.  And the foods we ate were home cooked, healthy, and delicious.  I want to do that.  I TRY to do that.  But I'm still falling short.
  • Let me explain real quick for those of you who are beginning to think I am lazy, WHY I don't like to cook.  The bottom line is:  I just don't care that much about eating.  It just seems like so much effort to make something that is usually not appreciated and then just makes even more of a mess.  I would honestly rather clean than cook.  In most instances, I eat so that I'm not hungry anymore.  And so I'd rather just make something as fast as possible to take the hunger away so I can get back to whatever else I'm doing.  Exception:  Mexican food, cheesecake, & baked goods.
  • However, I realize that what I do directly affects 3 other people now and those people do not share the same feelings I have for eating!  So, for the good of the family, I want to be better.
  • I need some healthy cooking blogs to follow- do you have one or know of any good ones? 
  • I'm going to try doing one new recipe each week to add to my trusty standbys...lasagne, pasta casserole, tuna fish casserole, fajitas, enchiladas, stirfry, and pizza.  Since that has essentially been our weekly menu for the last 4 years, I'm beginning to GAG just reading that list.
  • Seriously, if you can help me, I need it!

My Kids:
  • They are the same size.  Pretty much.  Noah has not grown at all in the last year.  He still weighs 22 lbs.  And he is short.  His thighs are the same size as his calfs.  He defines chicken legs.  Noah and Suzy wear the same size diapers.  And the same size clothes in some instances.  Here is a good picture to describe what I am saying:
  • We have started Noah on allergy treatments again.  That is the only thing that helped Noah to grow last year. 
  • We have determined that Noah looks exactly like Jared and has my personality (dramatic) and Suzy looks like me and has Jared's personality (chill and laid back).  Who is the luckier kid? ha ha jk
Well, it is getting late and I am so excited to go to sleep!  I have 5 more days of the Blogging Challenge and I'd like to get that completed, so maybe this week.  If you've made it this far and you are not my mother- thanks for reading. :)


Megan and Mike said...

on my blog (you can find the link) i follow the trainer mamma... she is awesome and has hundreds of recipes with the calorie amount on them, all the food i have made has been really good! your lil girl is soooo cuute!

Max said...

I've just started using a book by the Food Nanny to get a hold on dinner again. I feel the same way you do and have tried to be better. I've been doing it for a month or so and it works great, as long as I get the grocery shopping done. Good luck on the adventure and let me know if you find anything great.

Max said...

I guess I'm on Max's login, but it was really me making the comments. - Guin.

Ashley said...

We are going to be in Kansas City this weekend too, but for a dance competition. :) Look up Skinny Taste. It is a blog and the girl's name is Gina. She does weight watchers and her food is yummy! So far, we have LOVED the asian glazed drumsticks and beef barbacoa.

Brittany said...

I think this blog challenge thing you are doing is great! One website is use frequently for good recipes is She has a lot of good recipes on there. She doesn't use processed foods and many of her recipes can be modified to make them even healthier. I'm hooked on brown rice now because of her Baked Brown Rice recipe. Good luck! I have several others too if you want more!

Dan + Carlie: said... is a neat blog. They are lds mom's from utah :)enjoy!

congrats on the run!

David and Jaclyn said...

Um hello? You don't cook? I believe I learned my first valuable lessons from you about cooking? Remember in our piso? :) Now I LOVE to cook! Do you have any great recipes from Spain? I wanted to get the Lentil Soup Recipe from Vera & yummy. I miss you friend. Looks like you are doing well. Keep it up! Love ya!

the hatch batch said...

I also recommend Every single thing I've tried from them was amazing. I also like I have to admit that most of the time I just go to and search for the recipe that I'm thinking of and then sort by most popular and make that one. And by the way, I wish I felt the way about food that you do. I LOVE FOOD. The yummier the better... :: sigh::