Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tour My House

We had our house pretty clean the other day and so I took some pictures!
Here is where we spend a great majority of our time. We love it here!!!

Living Room:
Another shot. Love that fireplace. I spent Jan, Feb, and March with morning sickness, laying in front of it. I didn't move for those 3 months.

This room is supposed to be the classy, formal dining room. For us, it is the piano/playroom. It's just too convenient to have Noah's toys out where I can see him playing from the office or living room. He plays in that room for hours! There are a ton of more toys hidden on the right side of the piano.

I think this room looks better in person than in this picture. This is our office. We also have a big black bookshelf that I LOVE that Jared made (couldn't fit it in the picture). Also not pictured are big black frames which are all over the room with pictures, mostly of Jared and I.

Here's a shot of the front entrance to our house. Playroom on left and living room straight ahead. The office is on the right through some french doors.


More kitchen!

Our bedroom. Please ignore the fact that our normal comforter was at the dry cleaner, so we just threw on a random quilt that is meant for a twin size bed. Our comforter is red, which matches the lamp. Not pictured is the dresser on the left, which I stained to match the night stand and also bed frame.

This is a pretty lame picture from the guest room, which we are soon turning into Baby Girl's nursery. I'm excited about that!

Here's the last picture for today. A shot of Noah's room. Not pictured are a rocking chair and the changing table.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!


Guin said...

I loved the tour and seeing your style!

Scotty and Chels said...

I'm so happy things are better with your placenta! I'm excited for your baby girl. Oh and your house is awesome. I love the dresser in Noah's room! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

your so lucky to have such a big awesome place to live! having flash backs to your tiny apartment in provo, so much better!!