Friday, July 23, 2010

Noah's 2nd Birthday Party

Noah's birthday isn't until Tuesday, but we had a b-day party this morning with some of Noah's good friends. As you might notice, Noah was in 2 year old paradise with bubbles, balloons, chalk, popsicles, cupcakes with sprinkles, water balloons, presents, toys, books, candles, superhero capes, and friends! He's been singing "[Happy] Birthday to You" all day. It was really fun for me to plan a day focused on my little guy. He has been really, really happy all day and keeps coming up to me and giving me big hugs with cheesy smiles. It really doesn't get any better than that, now does it? :)


Brittney said...

Noah is so cute- and those cupcakes looked yummy! Court- you look so good too! In the pic with Noah on your lap, it looked like you weren't even pregnant! ha!

Rifka said...

awh!! Happy bday noah!
he's so dang adorable!
and he's working the cape :)
i wish i couldve been there though!
and the decorations looked great!