Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Breakfast IN Bed

This morning, Jared made me breakfast in bed. Homemade waffles. He does it every once in a while- just because.
He's so sweet.
While I was busy enjoying my waffle w/ chocolate chips (a must if we don't have strawberries and whip cream), Noah was busy figuring out how to OPEN the chocolate chip canister. It's really not that easy to open. Even after you unclasp it, the lid is suctioned shut and to open it, you really have to pull hard.

We have a smart and strong little boy!

Oops! How do you like that chocolate chip in his ear?

There's that mischevious grin.

"I have chocolate chips all over me and Mommy's nicest sheets, but I'm still cute!"

The nakey picture so you can see the damage done. Classic.


Kelly said...

That's so nice you got breakfast in bed! Sweetness. Noah is adorable. i'm amazed he got that open! Great pictures!

adorable pearsons said...

What's yummier than a nakie baby covered in chocolate? :) That was so sweet of Jared- he is a keeper! when oh when are we going to talk? I am not sure of your schedule with work, so call me when you have a chance!
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Amy said...

hahaha that's awesome. Noah is so darn cute.

David and Jaclyn said...

Good thing he is so cute or it wouldn't be as funny :) I am glad you laugh at those things!

Jodie said...

That's funny! What's better than chocolate chip waffles in bed? Chocolate chips! :o)

Jody Weiss said...

You've gotta love breakfast in bed and a baby covered in chocolate! Sounds like the perfect morning! Noah definitely is a cutie! So Chels is pregnant too!? Does she have a blog? That's so exciting, please tell her congrats for me!