Tuesday, March 17, 2009

13.1 miles

We're so excited! We just signed up for our first 1/2 marathon as a couple. The race is in Joplin, Missouri on June 13th. My little sister, Kallie will do it also. She is moving to Arkansas for the summer. (Hooray!) We ran a race together when I first got off my mission. It was awesome. We ran the entire race side by side (as we discussed) until the finish when out of nowhere I got some mad sprint in me. I booked it and left my sister in the dust. I felt so bad because I kinda held her back during the rest of the race. She would start going really fast and I would say, "Hey, let's slow down." I promise I won't do that this time, Kallie!

Kallie, me, Sheena, & baby Jonah

Jared and I both love running and I do so much better when I have something to train for. The timing is perfect too- one month after we come back from Cancun (intense training=beach bodies. nice bonus!) We just scored a jogging stroller from some friends that didn't need it. Besides that and waking up early to go to the gym, I think I'll be set. As soon as Jared's foot heals (see last post), he will start training too.

my 3rd 1/2 marathon: Jana, Danielle, me, Emily, & Rachel
(how do you like those headphones?)

Wish us luck!!! :)


Erika said...

Hey girl! I just signed up for my first half marathon! It is in Charlottsville, VA on April 18th! I'm over half way done with my training and excited to have it over and accomplished :) Good luck with your training, I'm excited to see more pictures!

Spencer T said...


Ashley said...

Mmmmm...running 13 miles and nothing is chasing you? Crazy.

Sarah said...

that's awesome. i've always wanted to do one of those. i trained for one a few years ago. (long story as to why I didn't get to the day of). and i think it's great that you guys will be doing it together!

Kelly said...

Sweet that you scored a free jogging stroller!! Good luck!

Mekell and Jake said...

You are my inspiration...seriously. I'm trying to start running, and so far I hate it. I'm a gym or volleyball girl, so this is not my thing, but I'm going to keep trying because I want to do what you're doing one day and run a 1/2 marathon! Go you!