Monday, November 24, 2008

You be the doctor!

Noah is in the mood today where he only wants me to hold him. He doesn't want to eat, doesn't need a new diaper, shouldn't be tired (but hopefully is), doesn't want to play. He just wants to make sure I accomplish nothing today besides holding him. Could he be sick? He has congestion. I feel like I have a cold or something...maybe he feels achy and bad like me??? How can I tell w/o going to the doctor?

On a postive note... we're decorating for Christmas tonight. I can't wait!!!


Griffin Family said...

I remember when Madi was that little she would have days like that, where all she wanted was to be held. So I did. That ment dinner wasn't made and the house wasn't picked up. It didn't happen every day, but cherish it. Some day he won't want to be cuddled so much. I miss it!

David and Jaclyn said...

Hooray for Christmas decorating! I am not sure about will have to give me all the mommy advice when I have my little girl :)

Kelly said...

Gorden made that EXACT same face!!!! It was so cute and funny yet so so sad! I remember it so well. That is so funny that Noah has the same frowny face.

He may or may not be sick.... if he gets real congested it may keep him up at night some. A cool mist humidifier in his room helps and putting some pillows underneath his mattress so he's elevated a little. Also you could put him in his car seat in the bathroom while you're in the shower with the bathroom door closed. The steam helps clear your airways some.

Good luck! love y'all!

Todd & Cristi said...

even if you go to the doctor, (s)he'll say, "yep, he's sick, give him some motrin." and here's your bill for those seven words of medical advice. :)

but seriously that is the cutest face ever!

Brandon, Christine, and Stewie Thomas said...

No clue about the sickenss part, that will be the hard and scary part of being a Mom. Christmas it I can't wait to put ours up this week too. Miss you so much, thanks for your sweet comments about the Twilight party it was so much fun to do. I loved the movie and Brandon like it too. I already can't wait for the second. We need to talk soon!