Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holiday Endorphins

Something about Christmas just really makes our house feel like a home. I love it!
It was so fun decorating for the holidays with Jared. Funniest moment of the night: when the tree fell on Jared! He's been giving me a hard time because I ran for the camera instead of trying to help get the tree off of him. :)

Noah LOVES the Christmas tree...of course. Lucky for us, he's not mobile this Christmas, so I am fine to put him on a blanket underneath the tree...which usually buys me about 30 minutes of time in the morning. lol!

Also, we got a huge, awesome mirror from Jared's parents, which they helped us hang up tonight. I LOVE IT!!! Everytime I see it, it puts me in a good mood.

I just love this time of year. We take off tomorrow for Memphis for Thanksgiving with Jared's relatives. Hope everyone travels safely and has a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!!! And by the way, for any Biggest Loser fans...did any of that healthy Thanksgiving dinner on tonight's episode look good compared to the real thing? "instead of a delicious apple pie crust, we are going to make a crumble and add extra fruit." BLAHHH!!! Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS.


The Lowden Family's Blog said...

Your tree is so cute!! Love the mirror!!! Have safe driving to Memphis today!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Becky Boo said...

I have been dying to decorate for Christmas for ages! Hopefully we won't be too far after y'all! Your tree looks awesome, and the mirror is fantasic!

Lark and Alicia said...

Love the decor....looks awesome..have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Megan and Mike said...

Oh christmas is the best! We just put up our tree too! i love that yours fell on jared... hahaha!Merry Christmas!