Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tour Continued: Kitchen

I took a few more pics of our new house.  Here is our kitchen.  I spend a ton of time here so it's a good thing that I love my little place!  The kitchen, as you can see, is open to the living room, which is something that I really wanted.  The kids can watch a show while I get dinner ready and I can still keep my eye on them.  It works out perfectly!


Elisa said...

I just finished catching up on your blog, and I have to say I think your house is super cute! I understand the budget thing...but honestly, I think a lot of the 'super cute' kids room on pinterest just look cluttered. You've got a good balance! and I love all your superhero themed activities for Noah's b-day party! Way to get creative!

Momma A said...

Your kitchen is the same color as mine. Can't wait to see your house and how you've decorated it. When can you come to mine and do the same?

Hays said...

you were busy while i was gone! blogging!!!