Saturday, August 4, 2012

Independence Week 2012

I think I figured out the secret to blogging.
The more you blog, the more you WANT to blog!

So, now I am going back and looking for more stuff to blog about.  Turns out I have TONS of stuff!

So, here is our 4th of July week.  I love this time of year.  It is the heart of the summer and I have so many awesome memories each year.  This one is no exception.

We started things off on Sunday the 1st- Cross Church was having their awesome annual display.  Longest fireworks display ever.  It was so fun.  A great part was that from getting out of the car to sitting in our spot on the grass was only 5 minutes.  We just walked right up to our spot.  And the view was amazing.

I look a little swollen.  Pregnancy. *sigh*

Noah identifies himself with a balloon.
He could maybe use some more boy friends.

We bought the kids bikes for the 4th.  Fantastic purchase.  They have ridden those bikes every day since!

Noah's first time on a bike.  He's a pro now.

On the 3rd of July, we went boating on Beaver Lake and watched the fireworks they put up over the lake.  It was amazing.  So fun! 

Suzy jumped right into the water.  Noah had to be coaxed a little.  But he did it!

Ahhh, my little Su-Su bug!

On the actual 4th, we got invited to the sweetest block party that included pony rides for the kids!

Is he mad, sad, happy?  Who knows!

Definitely happy here!

Noah and his cousin, Jack watching the fireworks.

Lame pic below, but I tried to capture Suz's reaction to all the fireworks.  She was interested, but very scared.

Weird to think that next year at this time, I will have a 9 MONTH OLD!

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