Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Noah's Superhero Birthday Party

Noah turned 4 on July 27th, so to celebrate I let Noah choose what kind of party he wanted.  He is really into Spiderman at the moment and chose that, but I made him broaden it to Superhero party.  He loved it!

The cake:

The pregnant mama.  Actually, I posted this pic because I thought Suzy looked so cute!

Kids on Noah's new b-day present, a mini trampoline!

 It doubled as our "Learn to Fly" station.

My sister in law, Kelly, took all these pictures and she did an amazing job.  I'm so thankful for her help esp since all I take pics with is my iPhone.

The decor:

If you notice, all the kids are wearing superhero capes.  Somehow I convinced my good friend Hayley to make 12 of them for me.  She is awesome.

When the kids arrived, they came through the telephone booth in their ordinary clothes and came out with their new, shiny capes!

This was supposed to be a gathering activity, coloring the superhero city, but it couldn't compete with the trampoline and running around in the backyard.  I should've known.

The whole theme of the party was 'Superhero training school.'  So, to start out the kids warmed up doing pushups, situps, jumping jacks, etc.

Then, we played X-ray vision, where the kids had to guess 3 objects from a bag.  Then we played Pass the Kryptonite, which is like hot potato, but with a cool green pokey light up ball.  We played the Superman theme song and if the music stopped and you were holding the Kryptonite, you had to go to Superman's planet to get recharged.  Superman's planet was a temporary tattoo station.  You are welcome parents.

 Next, we played Stomp the Villian.  Everyone's lined up to get into a team.

I colored villian faces on the balloons and put 5 into each team's basket.  Each team had to send one player to pop the balloon, then run back.  First team with all their balloons popped won.

Most kids didn't LOVE this one. 

Suzy's face again.  Classic.

Next, we went outside for an obstacle course.  Here's Noah with his superhero balloon that he just had to carry around everywhere. Cute.

More obstacle course.  Brinlee is crossing over the Hot Lava.

Coming out from under the trampoline.  Part of the obstacle course.

Then, out came the villian!  The kids had a bucket of water balloons and had to get him.

I think it's safe to say they did.

Thumbs up guys, we got him.

 Such a trooper.

One happy kid.

The kids worked up an appetite.  We had pizza, Superhero Power Juice (lemonade), and cake.

My little 4 year old!

Love him.

The End.


Scotty and Chels said...

Wow! You are super mom!! Great job! I love the video in KC. It's so fun to hear your cute mommy voice!

jessH said...

You're so creative. Great job.

KT said...

fun! Your husband is such a great sport!

Funtasia Nyc said...

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Rachel said...

Coolest party ever!