Thursday, August 2, 2012


I should have posted these months ago---better late than never, I suppose.  It was actually fun to look back and relive the trip.  I am already itching to go back and I know Jared is too.  We just LOVE Spain!

See how happy we are here!  We rented a car to drive all over Andalucia.  I actually bawled my eyes out when we came out of the airport's parking garage in Malaga and I saw, or should I say felt Spain again.  It was so many emotions.  It was amazing!

Our first stop was to get a bocadilla de tortilla.  Delicious. 

On our second day in Spain, we went to our favorite place Cadiz.  We walked barefoot along the beach for a while.

Then we went to Casco Antiguo (sp) and visited all the old places we had been.  This is where Jared used to live.

Jared's street.  We had another tortilla sandwich from that store right there.

Cute Jared!  Bet he never thought he'd be walking the streets of his old area with Hna. Astle, his wife!!! ha ha

Ahh, we love each other.

Nepolitana and Biofruta on the beach in Cadiz.


We stayed a couple nights with our good amigos, the Juncals, in Jerez!  That sure helped the Spanish to come back.

Eating crawdads.  I forget what they even call them in Spanish.  They are sick.  I didn't eat a single one.  Bleck!
Fran and Ruth are the coolest ever!

Later in the week, we met up with my mom, dad, and sister in Malaga.  Look where we stayed.  Beautiful.

We traveled to Sevilla with my family.  I love Sevilla.  I spent 3 months or so with Hna. Densley there and we had a great time!

 I think this is a way cool picture of my sister with me, my dad, and Jared in the background. 

Jared and I being in love

I wanna go back!

I left out the pics of us going to Morocco and Gibraltar because those need to be a separate post.  Here's Jared and I traveling by train from Malaga to Madrid.

When we got to Madrid, we hopped on the metro and went to the temple grounds.  Temple was closed, but we just walked around and loved it.

That night, we did some shopping in Sol and went to Plaza Mayor for some churros and chocolate.  And a sandwich for Jared.

This pic is out of order, but I love it.  It's actually the pic that comes up on my phone when Jared calls.  IT also cracks me up that part of my dad's head is in the background.  He was trying to get in the pic, but he missed it. ha ha

Jared and I in Madrid (Plaza Mayor)

Jared and I are already talking about when we can go back.  We had the best time! 


Guin said...

SOOOOO FUN!!!!! I miss it so much!!!!, but am glad you guys were able to go. Thanks for sharing pics of familiar faces. It makes me homesick for my home across the seas.

Landon said...

When you go back can we come with you? I want to travel to europe but it scares me to plan it/do it. I know we'll be fine with you guys with us! :)It would be so fun!! I miss ya. Looks like such an amazing time.

jessH said...

Opps... that post was from me :)

The Lady of the House said...

Next time you go, we will go too! We miss Madrid more than anything and we just want to go see some of our favorite families that still live there and are growing!