Thursday, February 24, 2011


I'm taking a break today from the blogging challenge to blog about Suzy Kaye!  She is getting so big- 5 1/2 months, where is the time going?

Although I haven't captured it too often in pictures, Suzy loves to smile and laugh.  It's my favorite.

Noah and Suzy are best little buddies (thank goodness---it didn't start out that way).  I catch them holding hands a lot (no, I didn't make them for the picture).  It's so sweet!

Love those big eyes!

She's working on sitting up...almost there.

Suzy with her boyfriend, Max.  Max is only one month younger than Suz.

Ready to eat!  Suz is actually always ready to eat.  No problems there!

I love her sweet face and calm personality.

Hanging out with brother.

Suzy's Quick Stats: (this is more for my benefit than anything)
  • 13 lbs 13 oz (29th percentile)
  • 24 inches tall (17th percentile)
  • Head Cir 41 cm (29th percentile)
  • 1 tooth coming in
  • On a great schedule: 2 naps a day and wakes up at 3:30 am for a bottle.  I can handle that.
  • Nicknames:  Suza, Su-Su, Suzy-Q, Suz, Suzily, Suzer, Su-Su Bug, Baby Sue

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