Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yay! Two posts in two days. I am on a roll, aren't I?
Today, I decided to post about Noah's train obsession.

Is it true that all 2 year olds are obsessed with trains? Is it just boys? Or do girls like them too?

Well, Noah thinks about, talks about, watches, and plays with choo-choos all day long. He loves Thomas. He loves Percy. He loves his train toothbrush. Jared brought home this train table from work, which also includes about 500 pieces, not shown. I find little train pieces all over my house every day. They also go with me in my purse when we leave the house.

This has to be one of my all time favorite pics- I am loving the bed head! Even though this picture alone is what prompted us to give him a haircut. He looks like a mad train scientist! Because that is what he is!

Noah's trying to decide where to start...hmmm...

In downtown Rogers, they have a real live caboose that you can walk through. Since Jared and I, along with my brother and sister in law have made weekly visits to the nearby Mexican restaurant, Noah gets to go to that caboose all the time. On one of the times, we saw a real train go by on the tracks. Noah talks about that still--and that was weeks ago. Anyways, here he is about a month ago, standing on the caboose. We had just got back from a day at the lake, just in case you were wondering about the outfit or hairstyle. ha ha
Here is Noah and Mommy, last Friday night (after some Mexican food again, ha ha. Btw, if you live in Rogers or close, go to Las Palmas, it is the best Mexican food!)

Here's my excited boy with his new haircut. Do you like his hair better long or short?

Another question: If you have kids, what do they obsess about? Might there be a fellow choo-choo lover out there?


Kiki said...

oh my. the boys LOVED them from the minute they could say "beepbeep" which is what they called them for some reason. and i loved it because they really had to think to make tracks that fit together, i think it's really good for their little minds. and the thomas shows (the old ones) are awesome. they were OBSESSED and i was really quite sad when they moved on to legos. but now keo loves them! and he actually calls them choo choos like he should. :) i think it's a great obsession.

Scotty and Chels said...

Court, you look so cute! I vote long hair for Noah. I love the crazy hair look on kids! Lucy's obsessions right now are me and her dad. Does that count? :)

B and C said...

Wow he is getting big and you are cute as ever! Looks like you have been having a great summer thus far.