Monday, June 28, 2010

The Blueberry Patch

I have been a little behind in posting on the blog lately, so now I have lots of pictures saved up. So, check back often this week and hopefully I will be able to do a post a day or something. Or every other day. Don't hold me to that.

Anyways, so last Saturday, Noah, my mother in law, sister in law Becca, and her baby, Jack woke up early and went to pick blueberries. It was so fun! Well, maybe fun isn't the right was neat. And tasty. I had a hard time putting the blueberries in my bucket instead of in my mouth! And for that reason, I picked by far the least of everyone. If I were a migrant worker, I would be fired!

Here's Noah and Grandma, ready to start!

Noah was pretty into it. At first.

Here's Becca and I hard at work. Please ignore the fact that I look like a giant blueberry. I'm at 27 weeks here.

Cute smile. Looks so much like Jared when he was that age.

Noah was a good helper!

Here is our end result. My bucket cost $4, Becca's $6, and Susie's $8 in order of least berries to most.

I definetely want to go again next year. I like picking my own produce. It also tastes so much better. It makes me want to have a garden. I never thought I'd ever say that. Stay tuned for more adventures...coming soon!


Kiki said...

You do NOT look like a giant blueberry. You look great! What a cute little man you got there...

Brittney said...

Court! I just read your blog comment and I wanted to respond. I TOTALLY thought of you all day yesterday because I took my test at the same place as we took the GRE. I felt like I should have gone to IHOP before hand and listened to music with a strong drum beat! Anyway, maybe one day you really will be where I am, but hopefully someday I will be where you are-- diapers and playdates sound way better than work today (okay, maybe not the diapers:).