Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Blinky!

It's been a while since I have posted pictures of my cute little Noah. So, this post will be nothing but HIM! He's 2 months away from being 2---he completely acts like a 2 year old! (which is good and bad) As he learns more words, his tantrums are decreasing big time (at least for now! yay!) And holy cow, this little guy has a lot of words. I think he's very advanced, but really, don't all parents think that about their kids?
Here are some of his favorite words: No, Yes, Happy, Me Too, Play, Park, Swing, Slide, Jump, Rain, Candle, Lights, Car, Truck, Eat, Baba, Diaper, Trash, Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Sandals, Baby, Outside, Off, On, Up, Down, Help, Please, Thank You, Choo-Choo, Toys, Movie, Teeth, Nose, Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Peas, Cheese, Green Beans, Ketchup, Water, Drink, Strawberry, Apple, Banana, All Done, Sleep, Relax, Mama, Dad, Grama, Papa, Bath, Shower, Poo Poo, Pee Pee, Bubbles, Whoa, Wow, Temple, Church, Book, Hey, Hello, Hi, Bye Bye, Cya, Vacuum, Flower, Pretty, Bird, Doggy, Woof Woof, Cat, Moo, Roar...OK, you get the point. I could be here all day. :) Enjoy the pictures!


Kiki said...

oh my, he is adorable. i know i say that on every comment, but he is!!! what a sweetie. and he looks so happy! you're a great mommy; Noah's lucky!

adorable pearsons said...

He is so cute! I see a little Carson in him. I hope he has a little sounthern drawl while saying all those words :)!
By the way, I am bound and determined that we talk THIS WEEK! are you in for that goal?

tialovesmontana said...

Oh, what a cutie pie!

Elisa said...

wow, some of those pics look JUST LIKE Jared! I love what a lil Jabberwockie he is! What are ya doin for his 2nd birthday?

Scotty and Chels said...

What a cute boy! He's like a miniature Jared! And I love that you blogged about having a family picture. The only ones we ever get is when Scott holds the camera in front of (and very close to) our faces!
Oh, AND you are too too sweet to have a moment of silence for me when I got married. I totally forgot what time we were married! You're awesome!!
I'll just make this a novel as well. I can wear contacts but i had to get soft ones and there's something about Kansas air that makes my eyes SO dry or irritated so the contacts don't last long. so sad :( and I can't get lasik because my eyes are too blind. LAME!

Caleb, Rebecca, and Jack said...

We love Noah!

amy kay said...

Noah is my favorite.

Linford Family said...

He is so cute! It's amazing how fast time goes. You have such a cute family!

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