Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Update

Here I am at 20 weeks, right before I went in for my Ultrasound. I thought it was funny that Noah snuck into the picture right as it was being taken.

Anyways, the ultrasound revealed 2 things. One good, one bad.

GOOD: It's a GIRL!
I wanted a girl so bad. So bad that I THOUGHT it would HAVE to be a boy just because I wanted a girl so much.
Also, for the record, those Chinese Gender Predictors are WRONG.
I'm very, very excited!!!

BAD: I have PLACENTA PREVIA. That's one of those things I read about, but always skipped over because it never applied to me. Bascially, it means that my placenta is completely covering my cervix, putting me at risk for hemorraghing and preterm labor. Boo. I'm now on restricted activity. BOO! No more gym for me. I'm so depressed about this, more than I should be. I was really liking my prenatal Yoga class and Body Pump, along with the freedom and relaxation that I felt from zoning out on the elliptical machine while Noah was in the free daycare.

On the POSITIVE side of the BAD side: There's an 80% chance that the placenta will move up and away from the cervix by 28 weeks, which is when I'll have my next Ultrasound. If this happens, then I can go back to working out etc.

WORST CASE SCENARIO: (besides bleeding or preterm labor) The placenta doesn't move and I'm on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.

Back to GOOD news:
Little Baby Girl is growing great and I'm measuring 3 days ahead of schedule. My C-section date and time have been set: September 15, 9:15 am.

Definitely more GOOD than bad news!!!


Danielle said...

Woohooo for a GIRL!!! I will be praying for you and just remember God is always in control! Kennedy sticks her head in my belly shots too. She even has started trying to show her belly, haha.

Melissa said...

im so excited for you. brandon and i went on a bike ride and i was actually thinking about you and our Bonn bike rides and then thinking that is what about time you would find out what your baby was. how fun! as for the color of the tv stands, not sure. any suggestions??

Guin said...

I'm glad there is more good news than bad. and YAY!!!! for a girl!!!!

Sarah said...

a girl! hooray! you're so dang cute. i hope you get to go back to working out soon, but i am glad that they have the technology for finding this out so you can take some precautions.

Kiki said...

ohhhhh! so happy for you! be careful and we'll pray for you to be back at the gym in a couple months! love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you! A girl! woo-hoo. stinks about that placenta thing, but sounds like there is still plenty of time for that to change. i hope it does! enjoy your rest and relaxation. bottle it up and keep it for after that baby comes!! : ) love you!

Erika said...

Congratulations! Little girls are the best! I hope that the placenta moves so that you are not on bed rest but most especially I hope that everything keeps developing well for your new little one! Good luck :)

ps your looking great, love the new hair!

Jen said...

Congrats! Just in time...I'm getting rid of all my girl stuff, so if you want anything let me know! Love having girls!
I bet your placenta previa will move out of the way....your chances are pretty good!

Megan and Mike said...

yeahhhh girls are sooo fun, now i want a boy? haha girls are too easy to shop for very sassy and opinionated... oh so they are like us.... congrats

B and C said...

AHHHHH.....a girl, I am so excited for you guys!!!!! No fun about the placenta previa my Mom had that with my little sister too but all was fine. Hope you are feeling good. We sure do miss you here in Utah!

Randrea said...

CONGRATS on the healthy girl!!! We will keep you in our prayers and remember, I'm just a phone call away. Noah is going to make a cute big brother :)

Scotty and Chels said...

A girl!!! Oh, you'll have so much fun! girls are GREAT! It's hilarious you're most upset that you can't exercise because of the placenta problem! Ha, ha!
And I LOOOOOVE your Great Clips story. You crack me up! (and you do look good in lime green. is that b/c you're a Spring?) If you're even crazier like me, you dye and cut your own hair all the time. I've had some embarrassing hair cuts from that! I should have taken pictures!

Carrie said...

Your c-date is on my birthday!! Yay! You are so darling and I'm happy for your little girl to come.