Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shopping Cart

I am still disturbed from yesterday's quick trip to Wal-Mart. While I was waiting to get the oil changed in my car, I purused the aisles and grabbed a few things. When the time came to check out, I watched in horror as the cashier put what I bought into the bags. I didn't quite realize what I had bought until it was well, bought.

  • 7 boxes of macaroni and cheese (on sale)

  • an extra large container of peanut butter (also on sale)

  • peanut butter/choc chip granola bars (also on sale)

  • Frosted Flakes (end cap sale)

  • Ramen Noodles (always on sale- cheapest food on the planet)

I sometimes have to remind myself that I graduated college with a degree in Public Health! I was and still am disappointed in myself.

So, if I could get some help from you... I need snack ideas that are quick and healthy. All I can really think of is trail mix, popcorn, and fruit/veggies. I wouldn't mind putting in an hour or two at the beginning of the week to make healthy snacks for the whole week, but I don't know what to make. Any advice? Please. Before I turn my whole family into roly pollys!


Elisa said...

Try hummus as a healthy dip for those veggies instead of ranch. You can find recipes easily online and make your own. Much cheaper that way. and maybe a yogurt dip for the fruit, if you must have a dip. fruit is good by itself, so I guess you don't really need a dip. Also, fat free cheese is actually really good for you, so splurge on a cheese quesadilla (don't use butter!) with salsa or a cheese sandwich on whole wheat/multi grain bread. And if you like mushrooms, they are delicious fresh. Try Kraft vinegrette salad dressings for dips also. Or make your own tortilla chips by taking actual tortillas (get the fat-free or reduced fat for added healthy bonus), cutting them into triangles, and baking them yourself on a cookie sheet. good luck!

Dan and Carlie Harris said...

HAHA! I love this - what a great little observation! This is exactly why most Americans are overweight and/or have health problems!

Healthy things we snack on:

Veggies (celery, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, etc) - I chop them up the day I get them and have them all week. I'll buy sour cream (low fat if you want) and mix in the hidden valley ranch seasoning.

Nuts (small portions and unsalted are the best!)
Pineapple - we've been buying a whole one and chopping it up and munching on it all week.
Lean Pockets (lol - not so healthy, but every once in awhile they are super quick and so good!)
Rice-A-Roni is quick (but lots of sodium)
We also eat turkey bacon instead of regular bacon - soo good! (costco is the cheapest)
Sandwiches and salad!! (just put all the makings already sliced and ready to go at the beginning of the week)

It's hard coming up with ideas!

Danielle said...

Ha! I can't believe you used the picture of me sitting in a chair! Haaaa haaaa! Hmmm, you see how I snack...chocolate. I really think that it is healthy for me.

We love fruits, veggies and peanuts. I like making smoothies. Just fruit and ice and maybe a dash of milk. I also love to freeze grapes. They are a good pop in your mouth just because you are bored kinda snack and you can use other fruits as well. Blueberries, rasperries, etc

adorable pearsons said...

OH Court- You are so funny, and we all know that we are guilty of that exact same trip! Heck, some of us even go specifically to pick up that food :)! So hmmm...healthy snacks! Here is what we like around here:
frozen peas (by the time we're out and about they are prefectly cold)
fruit smoothie popcycles! Just make normal smoothies (w/out sugar..all fruit- add honey to sweeten it up) and put in popcycle holders- so good in the summer.
We love strawberries with just a little of powdered sugar sprinkles on them.
Low fat yogurt with cheerios in it (my daily snack)!
Anyway, hope that helps. But first you should know that the fact that you even recognized your shopping trip mishaps is a sure sign that you will never be that mysterious chair lady (or man)! Love you

Brandon, Christine, and Stewie Thomas said...

Make a few loaves of whole wheat bread on Sunday or Monday and freeze all but one. I do that and always have fresh bread on hand. (It's great if you have to bring something quick to someone in the ward or anything like that too). If you grind your own wheat you get 75% more nutrition from the wheat, I just use our food storage wheat. I have a great recipe if you have a Kitchen Aid or Bosch that make 5 loaves at once. Do you have a farmers market near by? I go once a week and stock up on fruits and veggies for sooooooo cheap and then we have tons to eat everyday. Last night Brandon and I wanted a snack and cut open a whole cantaloupe and loved it so much we ate the whole thing. Much better than our ice cream craving. Yogurt and Fiber One (oats & chocolate) are what I bring most days for lunch. Homeade smoothie or popsicles are also a really cheap way to have a good snack. Just blend some fresh fruit and freeze them in a popsicle mold. (Ikea's molds are only $2.00) Noah will love them!

Todd & Cristi said...

you are so cute! those ARE healthy snacks at my house...

lately i've been addicted to peanut butter. bananas, carrots, celery, apples, everything sounds good with peanut butter. and it's not all that bad for you, right? i could suck it up and buy the organic-low-salt-just-peanuts-peanut-butter. but gross. baby steps, right?

Sarah said...

well, dried fruit is good. yogurt or maybe go-gurt (which is good frozen). raw almonds (or other nuts, but don't get any that have been salted). sunflower seeds (again the more natural the better). oatmeal cookies (they are pretty healthy, compared to other things). string cheese. nature valley granola bars. drinking lots of water helps too. and if you are eating whole grains (bread, pasta, rice) you should stay full longer and not need as many snacks... hope that helps. you've got a lot of suggestions to work with. :D

Natasha said...

I love the flavored triscuits with cream cheese or a carnation instant breakfast as a snack. I also love the granolla bars that are like all nuts or the fiber bars. We struggle with it too sometimes though ... it's not always easy when you want to just grab something fast.

Mama A said...

So glad that this was not what you bought when I came to visit. The jar of peanut butter is good. Remember how I ate the whole bag of trail mix? It's pretty good for you though except the excess salt with the nuts. Is it time for me to visit again? I would love too!

Ashley said...

Hey, I plan on taking Left to Tell back on Thursday at baby story time. I'll keep it with me in case you show up. :)

sheena said...

court you crack me up!!

If you love your mac and cheese....try the Annie's organic....MUCH better for you, and they have a few different flavors that my kids love!
Actaully, we like Annie's Organic alot of things...their little bunny crackers are good too.
cheese and a yummy whole grain cracker
PB is not bad for you!! eat up!
yogurt and fruit
and of course a giant plate of nachos with canned chili.....those were the days!

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