Monday, June 1, 2009

Mom comes to Arkansas

Mom just left on Saturday after her week and a half long visit here. She moved my sister, Kallie out here and she is living with us now. We had a great time together. Wish we lived closer!!!

Here we are at Eureka Springs.

We went to the best restaraunt in Eureka Springs. It was soooo good!!!

Please ignore my hair in the above was pouring down rain. My hair just won't stay straight in humid Arkansas!

Gotta love Noah's smile!


My mom is so good w/ Noah. He loves her!

We're so happy to have Kallie live with us this summer. :)

Not the best picture, but hey!

There I go scrunching my face. Must've been something really funny!
Come back and visit us soon, Mom!!!

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Elisa said...

I actually really like your hair in that pic. It has so much volume. And it doesn't even have 'wispies' that make it look frizzy! I never would have guessed you had just survived an Arkansas downpour.

What restaurant is it? My favorite, I don't recall the name, was down in a basement. You entered right off of main street. It was kind of a hole in the wall, only it was a hole in the ground. But man, was the food good!