Monday, June 15, 2009

Half Marathon

We did it! We set a goal to run a half marathon together and we finished it on Saturday. Jared's so nice that he ran the whole race with me, even though he could've gone much faster. Love him!

Here's our pre-race carb meal. YUMMY! Noah loved it too.

Jared's before: (we were up at 4:45 am to drive up to Joplin)

Jared's after: Nice!

Cute Kallie before:

Kallie's after: we were all a little bit tired.

My before:

My after: look at that hair, cute- go humidity!

It feels so good to be active. It also feels good to have finally lost all my baby weight. Hooray!


Amy said...

Go Courtney!

Mel & Brandon said...

congrats! what an accomplishment. you are so motivated! i'm inspired

Brandon, Christine, and Stewie Thomas said...

Yea for you!! I Love the half marathon it's a perfect distance and still pushes you.

Anonymous said...

good job! i want to get to that point. i'm up to 4 miles now... still a ways to go! haha.

webster said...

go court! super jealous

Sarah said...

yay!!!!!!! that's awesome.

Jodie said...

Good for you guys!! That's very impressive!

Anonymous said...

ya, i have been eating better too. I did unfortunetly have 8 pounds to loose. I want to loose 10 more and be skinny and in shape. I mean.. i've never been fat... but i've never been confortable in a swimsuit. i want to look great! ha.

Jessica said...