Saturday, December 6, 2008

Noah's big week

Noah's accomplished quite a lot this last week. Last Sunday, he got back from his 8th far, he's been to: Utah, Idaho, Washington, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, & Mississippi. Not too bad for a 4 month old!

On Monday, he ate his first meal...delicious rice cereal. I really do think it's delicious, and don't mind eating what he doesn't want. Now that he knows that there is more to life than milk, he wants it all.

On Tuesday, Noah rolled over 4 times in a row from his stomach to his back. Mommy cheered so loud and he just giggled.

Today, he played the baby Jesus in the ward's primary activity. The kids loved him. One girl REALLY thought that he was the baby Jesus. She could not believe it and would not leave his side. It was great. Speaking of Jesus, Noah still smiles and reacts the same way everytime that we show him His picture. We try to show him everyday.


Amy said...

The picture of Noah and the mike n ikes made me laugh. Oh how I miss you guys. I think of you often. P.S. Noah is probably the cutest thing ever

Kelly said...

He is sooo cute! I love it! That's fun your little family got to be in the Christmas program. I'm glad he's loves rice cereal. I'm actually surprised that you love it too... I can't decide if you're being serious or not! =) Those pictures of him and that big bowl are great!