Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jared & I got roped into chaperoning a youth activity to Grove, Oklahoma (population 500). They had a service project, dinner, then went to a corn maze. We might've had more fun than the kids!
Here are 5 of the reasons why I loved it so much:

#5: 12 youth in a 15 passenger van singing primary songs spontaneously, including: "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree."

#4: Jared was the bus driver! Doesn't he look snazzy?!

#3: I morphed back into a kid.

#2: Noah got to go also. This kid has done more in 10 weeks then some people have done in their lifetime!

#1: I got to ride a tractor.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. AND check back soon because I will put up a little compilation of cute Noah pictures. You will not believe how cute and smiley he is!!!


Todd & Cristi said...

He can't be just 10 weeks old! Is that really all??? It seems like you've been gone forever!

Kelly said...

WHOA what an adventure! Sounds like barrels of fun. I especially love that under LABELS at the bottom of the post you wrote : YEE HAW. That's great! So are you or Jared one of the youth leaders? I keep forgetting to ask what your callings are. I'm glad you're having so much fun and staying busy. I bet the youth loved their cool chaperones. =)

webster said...

Court...i know i'm late but happy birthday!! I can't believe how small your little guy cute. Macie is a big girl!! She's not really fat (ya know baby chunky rools and all that) she is just super loooonnnng. Looks like you had a fun little outing!