Saturday, October 4, 2008

Camp Orr

Jared and I went camping at Camp Orr in the Ozark mountains this weekend with Tommy and April Lowden. I've been camping plenty of times, but I've never had a camping experience quite like this one. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

"What's that boys? Y'all didn't bring the tent! You're telling us that we have to sleep on a tarp under the stars? But we don't want bugs and spiders and animals crawling on us! Yes, there are too animals in the woods at night. There's not? Are you sure about that?"

(after seeing a skunk by our campsite) "LIARS! There are animals and we have to sleep with them. We're never gonna sleep you jerks!"

(after a rain shower) "You mean to tell us that you forgot the tent was in the car? Yeah right; I can't believe how desperate you were to get your way. Sleeping under the stars is NOT that cool."

"What can I say? I like sleeping under the stars."

"You don't see stars when you're sleeping."

"Yeah, well I like the idea of it."

(after putting on goggles to avoid campfire smoke) "I'm Michael Phelps gone camping."

"What's camping without a good smore?!"

"So, I might've exaggerated a few things on this trip- I guess the bugs do still come out at night and that there was a chance of rain. And I guess animals can come to our campsite. Oh, and the tent IS actually in the car. But at least the hike will be worth it. You will love every second of it, I promise. It won't even take that long to get to the top. Is it hard? No, it's easy, no worries."

"Do you seriously mean to tell me that we have to cross the river barefoot twice? Oh shiza!"

(after 4 hours, blood and sweat, some rock climbing, and an argument later, we make it)

"Was it worth it?"

"Ask me later."

Later: Despite the fact that we got rained on and that I was taken on a hard hike when I am NOT in shape (remember how I just had a baby?) and that the boys lied to us a few times, we actually had a fun and very memorable trip. The boys are excellent cooks- we had chicken fajitas, dutch oven peach cobbler, smores, sausage and egg breakfast burritos, biscuits, and orange juice. Thank You Lowdens for going with us and being our friends!


Kelly said...

Love the pictures. Good ol' Camp Orr. Yeah I'm sure this was a bit different than you're used to! With Jared and Tommy you're sure to be in for a real adventure! WHERE WERE NOAH AND BENTLEY?? Grandmas? Sounds like lots of fun! Great post.

amy kay said...

haha, Courtney. I loved the picture narrative.

Bridget said...

Courtney this post is hilarious!!! You brave mountain woman! You look like you would give Bear Grylls a run for his money! Maybe you should start your own show? Woman of the Wild? haha ;)

Todd & Cristi said...

I love the "y'all" - you are truly a southern lady now!

David and Jaclyn said...


I can just hear you saying, "WHAT!1??" when they said they forgot the tent. I would have done the same thing :) Looks like it was beautiful...

Rifka said...

thats so funny the boys told you all that stuff!
i'm happy i got to stay at your house w/ noah instead of in the rain :)