Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Suzy's Potty Training Rollercoaster Ride

It feels good to be back blogging again.  Let's hope I can keep it up.

Today's Topic:  Potty Training.

About three weeks ago, Suzy decided that she was going to be a big girl and wear underwear.  So, just like that, she started going potty in the toilet.  After a week, there were no more accidents.  It was amazing and a dream!  No more money spent on diapers!  I was so proud of Suz. 

(Here's her ice cream celebration for being a Big Girl)
Notice all of that last paragraph was in past tense.
She's now back in diapers.
But it's not exactly her fault, per se.
The poor girl got a Urinary Tract Infection. 
It started about two weeks after Day One of potty training.  She started to have a ton of accidents.  Like 12 per day!  I was going crazy doing wash and getting super frustrated.  Everytime she would wet her pants, she would cross her legs and scream and cry.  I just thought she hated being all wet.  One time, I caught her before she had an accident and we ran to the bathroom.  I sat her on her little potty seat and when she peed, she started screaming bloody murder and bawling.  So, it wasn't that she hated being wet.  I called the doctor immediately and I was impressed, they got me in within 20 minutes!
She did a urine sample at the clinic (I was impressed that Suzy did this- I just said, "Icecream Suz?" and she peed in a cup).  It came back that she had E-coli and she started antibiotics right away.
After she's done with the antibiotics, I think we'll try underwear again.  But the AWFUL part is that she now associates wearing big girl underwear and going potty with PAIN. :( :( :(
Moral of the story: Don't let a two year old be in charge of wiping themselves.


Kelly said...

I love that you just said "ice cream Suz" and she peed in a cup! Ha! Awesome. Hopefully she bounces back quick!

Hays said...

poor girl! she'll get it again before you know it :)