Thursday, January 17, 2013


I have no idea what I am going to write about and why I decided to even log on here.  Maybe because I actually came upstairs to sit at the computer...I'm usually only ever on my iphone.  I think the iphone is actually killing blogging to some extent.  That or instagram.  Or facebook.  At least for me!

Well- life is moving in warp speed ever since Audrey was born.
* insert cute Audrey picture here *
Audrey is my easiest baby so far.  She is so good.  She does wake up a lot during the night, but I'm willing to overlook that considering how good she is when she's awake.  No crying or fussing unless she's hungry, but I usually feed her before she ever gets whiny.  She's also very smiley.  And just started laughing.  The kids love her to pieces.  I hate to think of life without her and it's only been 3 months since she joined us.
Noah and Suzy both got hit hard with the flu.  It was an awful TEN days.  I cleaned up never ending puke & diarrhea, stayed up with feverish and hallucinating kids (Noah swore there were green witches in his room and that it was snowing), and quarantined us for a week and a half.  NOT FUN.  I almost came down with it and so did Jared, but we stayed strong.  So did Audge.  Yay!
Here we are at the doctor's office. 
I needed something different and to feel more 'current' and less 'mom of pukey kids' so I dyed my hair RED and I'm LOVING it.
Jared's mom had a birthday and we took her out for....SEAFOOD?! (bleh!)
So, obviously that wasn't my choice, but I got a nice chicken pasta and this cheesecake was to die for and...oh yeah, it wasn't about me or the food! ;)
These two are going to be best friends.  I mean, I think they already are.
Not pictured, but worth mentioning:
I'm training for another half marathon (Bentonville Half) on April 6.  This will be my 8th half!  I'm so excited for it.  Hopefully it will start preparing me for the MARATHON that Jared and I signed up to run in Baltimore on October 12th (one day before my birthday).  I LOVE running!
I'm starting a Healthy Habits challenge on Monday.  Basically I will earn a point for doing the following things:
Write in journal
Read Scriptures 10 minutes
Say 2 personal prayers
6 fruits/veggies a day minimum of 3 veggies
8 glasses of water a day
30 min exercise
No junk food
Eat within an hour of waking up
No eating past 8 pm
Get 7-9 hours of sleep
We put $20 in the pot and the winner with the most points after 6 weeks or the highest percentage of body weight lost splits the ca$h.  I'll let you know how I do.
AND last but not least.
I finally ordered one of these.  And it arrives tomorrow.
I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!  It's like Christmas Eve right now!


Hays said...

you should log on more often! that baby audge is sooooo cute!!

The Lady of the House said...

If you are in Baltimore, were not too far from there! Email me if you want to stop by!

Rachel said...

I am coming over to share in the green smoothie goodness. Then I'll at least get some points in the healthy habits challenge. ;)

Kallie Marie said...

audge is so cute! i need more pictures. jackie's mom is flying out to provo next month and i was thinking she should take audge with her and bring her to me. and then i'll just keep her for a while. i don't see how that could go wrong...