Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm not even sure what I am going to blog about right now. But it's 8:30 pm, the kids have been in bed for an hour, Jared has been gone doing homework since 9:30 am, my house is cleaned, journal is written in, paint project is finished, "The Sing Off" episode I missed last week has been watched, and I'm in the mood to blog.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I love and hate my blog.
Love going back and re-living past moments.  Love writing.  Love watching my family grow.
Hate how I compare myself to everyone else's awesome blogs.  Hate how I don't take good pictures or even enough pictures.  Hate how no one comments on blogs my blog anymore.

Anyways, things are going pretty good over here.  Jared is supposed to graduate on the 22nd--- in 3 days.  He is SO close.  But he's not going to make it.  Our new deadline is December 1st so he can avoid rematriculating and paying the fee to do so.  He'll make that deadline for sure.  And you better believe we will be partying over here.  Jared and I have been married a little over 4 years now and I have put him through his entire Bachelors degree.  When that diploma comes in the mail, I am adding my name to it in Sharpee marker.  And then we will be done with school until August.  The plan is for Jared to start on his MBA at the University of Arkansas next fall.  Of course he still needs to take the GMAT, so I guess there will be no break over here. ha!

I love my kids.  They make me so happy.  Suzy is out of her clingy stage.  She is now the same size as her brother.  Ok, well, Noah is taller, but skinnier.  But they are both in the same size clothes.  18 months.  They are more than 18 months apart too!

If I were to predict what my kids would be like in high school based on their personalities now, this is what I would guess:
Noah- artsy, into music, runner, soccer &/or baseball player, the smart kid
Suzy- dancer, sweet, nice, really good girl, quiet
I guess we will find out if I'm right in about 13 years!

I'm really excited to start reading the Harry Potter series.  I read the first book in high school and decided I didn't care to read anymore.  But then this last year, I decided to watch all the movies to see what all the hype was about.  And I got hooked on them.  And since the books are WAAAAY better than the movies...(right?) I decided to dive in.

And with that, I think I'll head on over to Pinterest to find some Thanksgiving stuff to make.  I'm hosting this year for Jared's family. 

Be back soon xxx


Guin said...

I love your updates! And I understand the last of comments thing. It is like everyone has switched to other media or they just don't have time anymore. I keep going because I love having a book made of my blog for the year since I don't make picture books.
Good luck this next few days with preparing for the holiday and finishing up school since you are right in there too :)

Brittney said...

keep blogging Court! I love when you do. I don't think you have to have awesome or tons of pics... at least with me it's just fun to go back and read about things you did or life at another point. So worth it. And I love your pics and think your kids are so cute. Sounds like you had a productive day today, too!

Scotty and Chels said...

Courtney! I love when you blog and I'm sorry I don't comment all the time. But i read it all the time. I know what you mean about comments though!
Yay for Jared! Scott graduates in December too, but probably more school for him as well. I think we definitely should add our names to their diplomas! For sure!
I love how you guessed what you think your kids will be like in high school. That's a great idea! I totally want to do that and see what happens!
Oh, AND I'm on the same page as you with Harry Potter. I started the first book and didn't finish. Saw the first movie, but no more, but now I want to read and see them all. Mostly because of pinterest and how obsessed people are with it!
Anyway, I love you and miss you and hope someday our families can meet! :)

Elisa said...

Good for you for being done with everything by 8:30 pm!!!! That right there is something to blog about! :)

I enjoy the update, even w/o pics. I didn't know Jared was so close to finishing up his bachelors, so congrats to you both!

Kiki said...

My boys and I are reading HP together. It is so much fun to see them get hooked like I did. :)

Congrats on the degree! I'm glad you're finally done with undergrad. I hear grad school is a lot better. ;)

B and C said...

Live you your blog and your family. People do not comment as much anymore unless you have some sort of giveaway. Since I am not trying to run a business with my blog and do it just for fun that doesn't really happen. Although I can track how many people look and read my blog and it's a lot so I know people look just don't comment. Anyways I know it is the same for you. Thanks for keeping me updated on your life I really miss you! Good luck with Thanksgiving.

Jamie Densley Fieber said...

Yeah for updates! Here is my comment:) I don't hate comments either! So glad that Jared is almost done and that you'll have a break for a little while! Feliz dia de accion de gracia:)

Carrie & the Boys said...

I am not a commentor but a stalker of peoples blog. Congrats on finishing school. I will be excited when MItch finished his CPA. Then there won't be a break here either as he will dive into the MBA. Why do the boys need so much education? I guess to make more money for us. Anyways, we've got to get together sometime. It's been way to long.

jessH said...

Um, HI... you need to keep blogging because I love to read it! AND I totally know what you mean about comparing your blog to other blogs. I haven't even gotten back into it because I don't have time to make it how I want... but I am planning a return. Possible therapy blog with some personal stuff mixed in. Tough combo, but I miss blogging!

I miss you too! Maybe next year when I move to Florida you can drive down and see me! We will be living in orlando and we can go to Disney. Your kids will love it. You can stay with me so you don't have to pay for a hotel. Think about it. Plan for it. Because I want to see you!!! Love ya always!