Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Last Pregnancy Update

Ok, I am way behind on blogging. Maybe I'll try to catch up a little bit before baby gets here---in a week!!! HOORAY!!! Next Wednesday, she's making her appearance (scheduled C-section). I can't wait to meet her and esp for her to be real to Noah. We are always talking about Baby Suzy and I know he has no clue what we are really talking about. I also can't WAIT to not be pregnant. I mean look at me in these pictures. How in the world could I be comfortable with that tummy?
I'm 37.5 weeks along in these next 2 pics. Today I am 38 weeks.

This last picture was from a few weeks ago, but I like that Noah jumped into it. So, I would be almost 35 weeks along here.

To end with my pregnancy updates, I keep thinking of the quote "All's well that ends well." This was a crazy pregnancy with lots of ups and downs (placenta previa, too much amniotic fluid, migraines, IUGR scare, bad insomnia, heart problems, etc) but in the end, every single thing has resolved itself completely. Baby looks healthy, I am healthy, and now we are just waiting for the next week to go by quickly so we can be with our little princess.



amy kay said...

Court, I am so excited for you! I'm betting baby Suzy is going to be just as cute as Noah is. Make sure you keep this blog updated, I'm way to invested in your life to be kept hanging. P.S. You look GORGEOUS!

Brittney said...

Cute, Court! You're so cute pregnant (but it's true that it doesn't look too comfortable, either). I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see pics of cute baby Suzy!

Kiki said...

Yay! I was just walking back to the office thinking, "i'm gonna write Courtney and chastise her for not updating her blog!" Haha, like you don't have an *excellent* excuse! You look adorable!

Jillayne said...

I am so happy for you! Good luck with your little girl...and all the girly-ness that goes with it.

I forgot how fun it is to dress up a little girl.

Guin said...

What a wonderful update! So glad things are good and you feel better. So exciting...NEXT WEEK!!!!! Wish you the best and I look forward to seeing baby Suzy on the blog.

M'lisa and Mark said...

Court!!! You do look soo cute... and uncomfortable :( I'm soo glad everything has turned out okay and your lil girl is almost here!!! SOo exciting! (I love the name too!) Wish I was closer to celebrate with ya! Love and miss you!