Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby Shower

Today, I think I will blog about Suzy's baby shower. Two of my good friends, Vicky and Jen gave me the best shower ever a few weeks ago. I loved it b/c it involved lots of friends, good food, too many presents, and no cheesy shower games! I do not want you staring at my tummy while you figure out how big it is in yarn! Thank you!
I hope my friends who were at the shower will have fun finding themselves in the pictures below.
Only 3 more (long) weeks left until Suzy makes her appearance. I had a Dr's visit today and she is doing great. One more ultrasound next week to measure growth...she is measuring pretty small. I'll give you an update on that next week- the Dr. thought she might have IUGR (same as what Noah had) but she's responding well on her non-stress tests and Doctor P. thinks my kids just might be really small. That's OK by me!


Brittney said...

I love the name Suzy... such a cute girl name! Also, I keep forgetting that you know the Heiner's until I see pictures with both of you in them!

HAYHAY said...

How fun. You are just looking so cute (It was fun to see ya yesterday). Before you know it you'll be holding that little gal.

Jake and Rachelle said...

You are so cute. i saw your blog on facebook. Sorry I didn't stop today. I had a killer headache and wanted to leave church fast! Hope you are feeling well. When is the big day scheduled?

Anonymous said...

cute! wish i could be there. looked so fun. congrats! i can't believe she will be here in a week! wow. how do you sleep at night??? wait, i think i already know the answer to that one... : )

thanks for the comment about my photo wall. it was a fun project.