Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow. These pictures are out of order and they don't want to move around for me today. So, I guess I'll be putting captions on all the pictures this time!
Well, this first picture is some of the goods I got on December 26th- AFTER CHRISTMAS SALES! $$$$ cha-ching!
I had so much fun waking up at 6:30 and going around to all the stores looking for Christmas discounts. I'm especially stoked for how my Christmas tree is going to look next year because I finally was able to buy all the ornaments/decor that I wanted. Everything was a minimum of 50% off. Noah was pretty happy about my purchases- now if only Jared felt the same! (*nervous laughter*)
This picture shows Noah pretty soon after we finished unwrapping presents at our house. Took the energy right out of him! Opening presents is hard work.
Here is the present aftermath at our house. One of my favorite presents this year is the print sitting on the couch that we now have framed and hanging up. It's a picture of Jesus with a little boy walking beside him. Noah loves the picture and always points to and says, "Jesus." Then we ask him, "Where's Noah?" and Noah points to the little boy walking beside Jesus. It's precious. Great gift Mom and Dad- thank you!

This next picture was taken at my inlaws. We went over there in the afternoon and stayed until about 10 pm with all of Jared's family. We got some good presents over there! I got a workout outfit, earrings, and an awesome wallet. Noah got shoes, a book, a stick horsey, and a cute elephant outfit with matching hoodie. Jared got the Andrea Boccelli (sp?) christmas CD and electric clippers for what hair he does have! lol. Thanks Ron and Susie!!!
Here's Noah, taking everything in.

This pic is from our house, Christmas morning. Most of those presents under the tree are toys for Noah that Jared scored from work. The huge red one is the present Jared and I bought ourselves on Black Friday. It's the HP desktop that I am typing from as we speak. We LOVE it. We also discovered that we can now watch movies online from Netflix b/c we finally have a fast enough connection/good enough computer. So, we've been moving one of our couches into the office and watching tons of movies. Yes, the quality of our life has definietely gone up, yet again.

Here are two more after Christmas purchases that I made from Kohls. The Cookies for Santa plate only cost $3.80. The cute WISH decoration: $7.50. Both were 75% off! Love it!

I have to forewarn you that Noah is going to look like a zombie in these next few pictures. Anyways, here he is looking at one of his Santa presents. Nice, a talking vacuum!

Presents! Thank you Santa!

This one just makes me laugh.

Noah experienced his first snow on Christmas morning. Don't laugh friends from Montana and Utah. I realize you can still see blades of grass coming up from underneath the snow.

Noah's enjoying a little Christmas breakfast.
Sorry again that all the pictures are out of order. I do not think that blogger is very user friendly, but then again, maybe that is just me.
Enjoy your New Year's Eve and Day! I'll post again soon- I want to recap the year 2009. And let's be honest, I just love using my new computer.


Melissa said...

so fun! lvoe all the pics

Todd and Cristi said...

um, why are there FOUR stocking hangers in that first picture? do you have an announcement? oh! and you updated your facebook that you've been sick...little brother/sister sick???

love the pics and can't wait to see you in january!

Scotty and Chels said...

Cute Noah! What a fun Christmas. Your house looks nice and so big! BTW - have you tried to just right click the photos and press cut and paste where you want them? That works for me.
Anyway, love you and miss you!

Randrea said...

I'm glad that I checked your blog because we haven't talked in so long that I'm having Courtney withdrawals! That sounds like such a great Christmas! I bet that is an awesome new computer!