Friday, November 13, 2009

Project Grow!

Just an update:
I went to the pediatric dietician today and Noah is getting started on some fancy schmancy stuff to help him grow.
3 different prescriptions that I can't spell.
1 is a vitamin drop
1 is liquid that will make him more hungry
1 is a case of formula/carbs to be added to his milk everytime he has a bottle

For now, Noah will get all his calories from his bottles and all the food he eats is bonus.

I learned that when you weigh 17 lbs, you need 800 calories to maintain your weight. I also learned that Noah lost 4 ounces since his last visit.

I asked myself today why I even want my little buddy to gain weight so urgently. He's easy to carry around and captures everyone's attention being so petite and small. But Jared reminded me that he did not love being called "shrimp" and "little fry" when he was in elementary school. I do not want adorable sweet Noah to be picked on in school.
There's lots of reasons why he should gain weight, but that is my motivator.

I'll keep you updated on how the new diet goes.


Anonymous said...

good luck, i hope it all works out for your mini man!

Elisa said...

come on Noah, you can pack on the poundage! Show em what you've got!

KT said...

Good luck! Hopefully he likes the taste of all the stuff he gets to eat now :)

Todd and Cristi said...

go Noah!

Amy said...

put fry sauce in his bottle. That stuff is delicious, and I'm convinced it's the reason I don't weigh lighter than I do.