Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

Before I get started blogging, I first have to ask if any of you have problems uploading pictures to your blog? It has taken me about 5 tries to get these few pictures uploaded. Pretty much everytime I try to upload pictures, it never works the first time- it says the internet connection doesn't work or something untrue. I am NOT tech savy so any technical advice will be very welcome.

Ok, now on to a preview of our Halloween this year. We had a ton of fun! The first 2 pictures are from a party that Jared and I went to. He was a shepherd and I was his little sheep. The costume came together in about 15 minutes with me pulling a coat that I have inside out and then sewing on some black felt ears. I wore socks on my hands, black pants and black slippers and painted black on my nose. WALA- a cheap sheep! :)
Jared refused to wear the awesome wig I borrowed for him. He only wore it for the 5 seconds that it took to take the second picture. He is such a Halloween scrooge. He does not understand why I LOVE Halloween! Maybe you should leave some good comments for him telling him how GREAT the holiday is!!!

On Halloween day, we got all the nieces and nephews together for trick or treating. Noah made it to about 15 houses before he got tired. We LOVE having family close and can't wait for Caleb and Becca to move here with their little guy, Jack next month!
After trick or treating, we all came back to our house and had chili, chips and bean dip, cinnamon rolls, mulled cider, and homemade pumpkin pie. It was AWESOME!

Noah was (obviously) a turtle this year. He pulled it off great. People couldn't believe such a little turtle boy was walking around. People just love Noah. He's so awesome!

We also went to our ward Halloween Party, which was super fun. It was a chili cookoff with homemade pies. Then, we had trunk or treat and pictures and games and a fun maze. I had some pictures of it, however evil BLOGGER will not cooperate with me on putting them up. This is the only one that came up. Ahhh, Noah!
Hope you guys had a great holiday too. Can't wait for THANKSGIVING!


Anonymous said...

cute! halloween is awesome cause it's the one day a year you can dress up and act like someone you're not all in the name of fun!

not sure about the pic. thing, but good luck!

Danielle said...

You are such an adorable sheep! And I love the wig for Jared the second picture of the two of you is great! Noah is the perfect little turtle.

Elisa said...

I never have picture trouble, but uploading videos takes-- and I'm not exaggerating this-- a few hours sometimes. You might check the size and format of the pictures. If they are too large and your connection is a little on the slow side it might fail. Try condensing the files into small sizes and make sure they are jpegs. If that doesn't help, I have no further advice. I'm not tech-savvy either. :)

KT said...

Loren doesn't get halloween either, so we never do much.

Your costumes were all great though! I especially love the turtle :)

Todd and Cristi said...

oh he is so darling! i can't wait to see you guys!

Ryan and Brittney said...

I forgot you had so many relatives out there! Fun! Your costumes were great and little Noah is cute as ever! But I say that every time.... :)

Linford Family said...

YES! I can't upload my pictures! The only way I figured out for it to work was to upload one at a time. Annoying, but good to know it's not only me that is having problems with it. Cute costumes! You all look great! Oh and the videos are annoying too-Bret condenses them for me and it works better.