Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Birthday

Jared celebrated his 26th b-day on Easter. We have completely opposite views on how birthdays should be celebrated. I hate to admit that someone actually has me programmed into their phone as "Birthday Freak." He said he meant it in a good way. It's just that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! They are your own personalized holiday to celebrate YOU and how happy everyone is to have you in their lives. I like celebrating other people's b-days just as much as I like celebrating my own. I just think they are so fun.

Jared- not so much. He prefers that his b-day be like every other normal day, perhaps with the addition of some cake and maybe a card. He actually requested this year to not invite anyone over to celebrate (he doesn't like the attention, and is probably hating this blogpost). Well, that is just hard for someone like me, the birthday freak, to accept. So, I tried to make the day special in its own way. We started off with breakfast and a b-day Easter egg hunt!

I'll spare Jared the embarrasment of posting pictures of him walking around our house trying to find Easter eggs. Each egg contained a reason/story/example why I love him. He read them while he ate breakfast. Then he opened just one of his presents.

Had to sneak in a picture of my little son, Captain Noah, the pirate.

After breakfast, we went to church, came home, made Cafe Rio burritos, took a long Sunday nap, then went over to Jared's parents house for Easter/b-day dinner, presents, and pineapple upside down cake. Delicious.

Noah had fun eating the dyed Easter eggs. Like that blue around his mouth?
Don't you just love him?

and *gasp* I actually have a picture taken with me in it! Hardly ever happens!

Hope you had a happy b-day, sweetie. Here's to the best year yet!


adorable pearsons said...

Happy birthday Jared! Court- you did a great job celebrating. I'm with you, BIrthdays are a HUGE deal around here too! Noah is getting so big. He is adorable!

Elisa said...

if Jared is at all like Eric, he probably never reads your blog. (Even though technically it is a family blog...) So you're probably safe on the b-day post. Very fun, actually, it helps me feel like I know you a lil more. You tell that boy that I said he is very lucky to have such a great wife who wants nothing more than to celebrate with reckless abandon the day that he was brought into this world. He should LOVE celebrating with you! (what a great idea to fill the eggs with special thoughts about him)

Mel & Brandon said...

courtney! you look so cute! i love that you love birthdays because i do too!

Spencer T said...

i love that it's a post about Easter and Jared's birthday, but there are more pictures of Noah than Jared. I guess that's just what happens when you have kids. I think all of our pics are of Gorden and Adelaide.

Kelly said...

Jared you must be really old to need TWO cakes to hold all your candles!

Happy birthday! Happy Easter! Looks like a super fun day!!

Ry Guy said...

OK, that is totally me and Becky. I don't like a lot of hullabaloo for my birthday either, but Becky loves a celebration. I always happily oblige.

David and Jaclyn said...

Oh remember you and birthdays...they just go together :) Who cares if he doesn't want to make a big deal out of his birthday you just do it any way! That is how my husband is and I do the same fun things for him all day. Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Melissa said...

Hey!! Your family is so cute! I'm so glad everything is good for you. Mark is also like Jared, its just another day, you pulled it off very well!!

Natasha said...

Thanks for the great advice. I really appreciate it. I loved your idea about going to the pet store. I took Boston this week and he loved it! I have a gym membership but maybe I should fork out the extra cash and get daycare with it. I did just find a friend to go with though and we are going to yoga classes together every week which I am loving! So are you getting your MPH? I've been looking into on-line programs but it's overwhelming. I think the only way I can go back to school is if I do something on-line but those programs make me nervous and I wonder if they are any good. I don't know how to find a good one and I'm not sure what I want my master's to be exactly. I feel like it's such a big decision so it overwhelms me. I would love to hear what you're doing.