Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Work

I started work yesterday. Yesterday was orientation - we learned all about Wal-Mart by playing games. Today was 1/2 orientation (Jared nearly fell asleep as I described to him the topics we covered) and then I spent two hours in the afternoon CLEANING MY CUBICLE! It was about as nasty as it could be. I found hairs, carmel stuck to the desk, funyuns (opened and shoved in a corner...nastiness!), neosporin, used make-up, about 100 random pens, dust, cough drops, large crumbs, ...am I grossing anyone out by now? I have just one question.
Don't worry, I'm disinfecting big time and organizing...sad though that Wal-Mart has to pay me to clean up after somebody.

So- an interesting first couple of days. I'll keep y'all updated on what kind of stuff I do once I really find out. :)


Lark & Alicia said...

I will be the first to say...."that is really nasty, and Im a little oozy"....so excited to here you are heading to work...good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Most of work involves cleaning up after somebody, in some way shape or form.

Todd & Cristi said...

nasty! i covered for a lady on maternity leave once and then we got a temp to do it but she was awful so we let her go right away. i had to start covering her desk again and it sounds exactly the same as your situation! i had to pop out the keys from my keyboard to get the food crumbs cleared out!

adorable pearsons said...

it has been soooooo long we need to chat! make sure to pack some antibacterial soap with you....by the gallon!

Kelly said...

Wow how gross can you get? That's amazing how dirty that sounds. Hopefully it wasn't too much to have to take longer than your first day to finish! Good luck with your new job!!